Monday, May 23, 2011

New Magazine Crush Inspires an Eye Look of the Day!

The next thing I love buying next to my beloved cosmetics are magazines. Let me reiterate - I LOVE BUYING MAGAZINES! I think it started when I was in the 6th grade and I spent many allowances buying BOP!, 16 and Seventeen mags. I can't help it - it's a sickness, I know.

So when I had the chance to kill twenty minutes at a nearby Barnes & Noble bookstore while waiting to pick up our Sunday night pizza dinner I was overjoyed. Any free minutes of interrupted magazine reading time is almost equivalent to the relaxation you feel while getting massaged or on vacation - you must be a parent of a child or a busy CEO/worker drone to truly relate to this.

I read my usuals: Elle, Allure - you know the usual lineup. I peep some of the International mags - French Vogue, (new favorite) British Elle and then I spotted my latest crush:

Australia's Kurv:

(image from
I really would have bought this magazine if it wasn't $19.99 USD. If it were pay day I probably would have bought it. I really loved the layout and I don't know why but the models' makeup really stood out for me.

I did some digging on the web for some images from past Kurv issues:


(image from
Even Nickelodeon's iCarly looks chic and grownup:

And apparently this got some press when it first debuted back in '09:

 Love for Kim - meh

I was trying really hard to find some pics for the magazine I just looked at - I believe it was for May 2011

I flipped quickly front to back and then I had to back track - a lovely editorial spread of a beautiful brunette on the beach. I LOVED her eyeshadow - it was a red violet, very vibrant and in the inner corners it was a lovely gold. She glowed and not in that cliched Victoria Secret beachy way. She looked chic and utterly gorgeous.

I tried very hard to recreate this safely for work. I refrained from reaching for my very vibrant UD violets.

I stick to what I knew - my NARS selection of purples and violets:

Clockwise from top:
Jolie Poupee
Nouveau Monde

L to R:
Purple from Melusine duo on lid
Blue Lavender from JP - crease
Red Violet from JP duo - smudged lower lash line
Silver Lilac frost from NM duo - layered on lid
Etrusque - inner corners of eyes

top lashline - MAC Graphblack Technakohl
MAC Pearlglide liner in Designer Purple on lower lashline blended with red violet Jolie Poupee shade.

Lots and lots of layers of Chanel Inimitable Intense.

I think I will try this look again with a different purple lid color. Also, I failed to mention I layered this on top of Indianwood Paint Pot (MAC). This is probably why it looks pretty muted. Then again I didn't want my bosses to think I was crazy or doing a walk of shame of some sort!

I use to always try to recreate looks I find in magazines - I think I need to do that again. Lately, I have been feeling so lazy and uninspired. I am so thankful that Kurv magazine woke my lazy ass up. I just wish it wasn't so expensive for us here in the States!!

official site:

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