Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buxom Waterproof Eye Stick Falls Flat...

I really, really wanted to like this but I'm sorry I cannot lie - this was a fail for me! This pencil is supposed to be used 3 ways: line, smudge and smoke and I failed three times.

It even has the feature I love - the hidden sharpener:

Bare Escentuals, famed for the whole mineral foundation craze, introduced a line of lip tingling, plumping glosses - Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish. I did actually like the lip gloss, at first. Then I discovered lip tingling glosses annoyed me and I gave my glosses to my sisters. Since then the Buxom collection rolled out mascaras, cream shadows, eye liners. Because I'm a packaging whore I fell in love with the packaging - look at that art work:

(Cute, right?)
 Now, bear with me - this is the only second product I have tried from the Buxom collection. This is purely based on my own observation. I'm actually curious about their cream shadows - something I love dearly and willing to give another shot.

Here's why I didn't like it - when I should this arm swatch to my husband he immediately said it looked grainy. He was right.

I could even feel the grainy like texture but I was not going to let that sway me - I was going to give it a fighting chance. It's a lovely gunmetal with blue shimmer - giving it a bluish cast.

Here's my first attempt applying it with a smudge brush from my own collection. It does come with its own brush but I wanted to use what I had or my eye pencil smudging tool of choice my middle finger. I took the brush and dipped it into the stick depositing some color on to the bristles and then I brushed it on my lids.

Not pretty - I had to take it off because I couldn't leave the house like this. I started all over again but with my UD 24/7 shadow pencil in Wasteland - okay now I can face the day. The bottom lash line was lined straight from the tube and then smudged with my MAC #219 pencil brush.

And then I tried with the way I usually apply my MAC Greasepaint Stick - my finger. The result was okay but wasn't better. It feels the same as the Greasepaint Stick, a bit creamy but the dry down left a bit of a grainy and crumbly feel whereas the MAC stick is smooth once it settles.

It looked patchy on my lids - it wasn't even looking. I just didn't like it.

Maybe I'd have better luck if I purchased the coordinating brush but with all the brushes I own you think I could improvise.

My final assessment - I'll stick to my MAC Greasespaint sticks and UD 24/7 Shadow pencils.

I purchased this at Sephora in JC Penny's - $18 USD

Like I mentioned in the beginning - the opinion is my own and I do not favor one particular brand over the other. What may not work for me may work for you! Unfortunately, this will be going back.


  1. I was wondering about these! I'm too in love with the UD shadow sticks though!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Yeah if you have a chance swatch this one - maybe it's just me? I really want to pick up the UD Morphine shadow pencil. Which ones do you have?

  3. What a shame! pretty exy for something that has a crap texture


  4. Hi Jen!
    Right? What's up with that? So I go back to the Sephora I bought this to exchange it for the NARS shadow pencil Aigle Noire - they gave me the pink Angelika gloss instead??

    What the F?

    Too bad - I'd keep it if the color was nice.