Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Secrets to an Easy Morning Bun...

Nope not the kind you find on a Food Network Celebrity Chef show - I'm talking about the cute, slightly messy, high top bun you see on celebrities and girls about town walking amongst you to the office.

(Was never a Hills fan but I really do like Lauren Conrad's style)
I am not a hair expert so this may be my only hair tutorial. I am a flat iron and split it down the middle, Marcia Brady kind of girl. 

Okay so my version is not as messy but I do get LOTS of compliments when I wear my hair like this to the office.

(my secret to a chic high or low chignon)
The foam donut is your friend! You can find this at Sally's Beauty Store for under $3 (they sell 3 different colors, I suggest you buy the one that closely resembles your natural hair color) - I actually saw this at Walgreens not too long ago also for under $3 but only in black.

1. This is your first step - high ponytail. I also add some hair cream or gel to my (second day) hair for a bit of control and texture.

(I ended up redoing my ponytail because even this was too messy for me)
 2. Slide foam donut around the pony like it's scrunchie - aw remember those??

3. Splay hair out and around covering donut as best as you can. I know it looks like I'm trying to pull a Bieber!

4. Take another elastic and gather/secure hair around the donut.

5. Pin around the elastic and stick bobby pins up and underneath the foam donut.

Finish with lots of hair spray!!

If you are going for artfully messy - this should take you no longer than 10mns. Depending on my mood (if I am trying to make it perfect) this will take me anywhere from 10-20mns.

If you are blessed with lots and lots of wavy hair - you can totally get by without using the donut. And you probable didn't even need this tutorial.

Just add scarf and oxfords that resembles soft toe jazz shoes and you got that off duty ballerina look! Yes, that is my work outfit today.


  1. Aww super sleek and classy! I've tried this with a sock but failed because I didn't think to secure the "donut" with an hair elastic. Thanks for this tutorial!

  2. Thanks Gaby - this is a go-to hair style when I have second day hair and I'm not going to the gym on my lunch break!

  3. Very nice! :) I should grow out my layers so I can wear a style like this without pieces of hair sticking out all over the place :)

  4. Hi MM,
    Thanks - It takes lots of bobby pins/hairspray to get my layers to act accordingly!

  5. I remember you sporting this look. It was so cute I wanted to try it. I'm sort of waiting for my hair to get a little longer. However, instead of using hella bobby pins have your tried that goody spin pin thingy?

  6. Ha thanks Bootch - of course I tried it. It's a fail sadly. I'll have to post about it.