Friday, March 4, 2011

EOTD - Wet n Wild - Yes, You Read That Correctly!

Ahhh I remember the days of Wet n Wild, circa 1989. I owned many a bright pink nail polish, black eyeliner and black cherry lipstick and I'm pretty sure each item was no more than $1.99-2.99? Well I won't tell you how the quality was for that price. Word around the Beauty 'Hood is that Wet n Wild has revamped it's eye shadow - my first tip off was checking out the eye shadow single - Nutty. Nutty, is a lovely taupe that can stand it's ground next to the department store brands. It also won lots of accolades from my fellow Beauty Bloggers. My interest was quickly piqued and who can turn down an awesome eye shadow for $1.99?

So enter an awesome trio  for $2.99 and 8 pan palette for $4.99:

Palette - Comfort Zone (Neutral themed, hence the name)
Trio - Silent Treatment (Neutral trio)

Since Silent Treatment has had lots of attention lately, I want to focus on Comfort Zone palette. In one good swipe from the pan - you can get A BIG amount of pigment - PLUS!

(I think this was 2 swipes per pan - NC42 forearm)
 Since the colors are unnamed - I swatched the shadows from left to right in order of row.
1. Champagne/peach frost
2. Light golden brown frost
3. Rose gold frost
4. Light mossy yellow/green frost
5. Med. Milk Chocolate - satin with a bit of frost
6. Blackened brown with gold glitter
7. Blackened brown with red glitter
8. Medium rust brown with teal - duochrome satin finish

The texture is buttery soft. It is nice but then it makes me wonder if there'll be lots of fallout - especially, with the shimmers. Sorry, I have yet to test the three glittery/shimmery shades.There are a few shades that I think wouldn't work for their intended use, ie. #2 would be a bit too dark to use as a brow highlight. But each wearer can mix up the shades however they see fit.

Alas, the beauty of makeup!

Here's what I used for my eye of the day:

L to R:
Rose gold shade - lid
Rust brown/teal duochrome - outer V and bottom lash line
Med Milk Chocolate  - crease
Champagne/peach - high light

MAC Undercurrent eye liner
Dior Extase mascara - Black

I layered this on top of my TFSI and it lasted from 6:30AM up until I washed my face after watching Jersey Shore - 11PM. The only shade that faded was the browbone highlight which one no big shock. I am really impressed with the long lasting capability - I guess the true test is to wear these shadows agains, sans primer. Since this picks up a lot of pigment in one swipe - proceed with caution!

My final assessment:
For $4.99 (or even $2.99) you really can't go wrong - if this isn't you everyday shadow of choice this would be great to add into your emergency makeup kit in your cubicle at work, gym bag or travel pouch. If all else fails give it to your 15yr old cousin that just got the okay from her mom to wear makeup - she'll thank you!
These were purchased at my local Walgreens
For online orders:

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