Friday, March 18, 2011

My First Estee Lauder Product...EVER!

Honestly, I was never an Estee Lauder fan. I'm sorry, I was one of those girls that thought it to be a more Mature Lady brand. My Mother never really used it and if I remember correctly my Grandmother's compact was actually from Clinique. It was never really in our household - unless it was given to my Mother as a gift then it sat around collecting dust.

I apologize for I have eaten my words.

I recently purchased the new Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick by renowned makeup artist and Creative Makeup Director, Tom Pecheux. I am aware that he came to Estee Lauder in 2009 after a stint as Makeup Image Creator at Shiseido in 2007. But I am always the last to find out about everything!

Here's Cafe Chic creme - a warm, brown nude. This is a perfect everyday office lip color. I am just hoping that this won't wreck my lips in the morning. It has a light fig scent - I find that it's a touch lighter than the Edward Bess' fig scented lipsticks and glosses. There is a nice amount of slip on my lips that lasts about an hour and when it dries down it's comfortable and it stains my lips a MLBB (my lips but better) shade. Also, this is a straight creme formula - no shimmer or frost, a perfect base for a shimmer gloss if you want to layer. I know it's suppose to be long lasting but I barely got 3 hours of staying power. I'll have to test this again on a full work day.

and with flash:


(outside with flash)

(Please excuse my haggard appearance)

This is the perfect nude for my skintone - it has just a touch of a peach. I'll be reaching for this constantly when I do a smoky eye - charcoal, brown, violet, etc...

My final assessment - I LOVE it. I am praying that the formula plays nicely with my lips. If so, I'm going back and picking up a DATE NIGHT color.

Available now at department stores carrying the Estee Lauder collection
Retail price $24USD .013oz/3.8g

Here's a better picture and sorry for the raggedy ponytail. The weather has been awful and I'll be getting a hair cut later. Also, I would like to update you all - this did not cause my lips to itch or feel raw the next morning. I am wearing it today here at work so I will let you know how it did on my lips for a full 8hrs.


  1. Pretty shade on you! Estee Lauder has definitely improved in the last couple of years - I think they're trying to shake that "mature" image :)

  2. Thanks so much! Have you checked out their Bronze Goddess collection? I think I'm going back for their double ended shadow pencil for $19. It's pretty and the price is right!

  3. Yes, I got the bronze polish that was included with the collection and swatched the double-ended pencil -- it looks very nice! :)

  4. @ Gaby - Thanks, I'm always skeptical when I try a new lipstick. I am so happy that it works well on my super sensitive lips!

    @ Makeup Magpie - oooh that polish is pretty, good find!

  5. Thanks Michelle - I had to take a break from the brights. Now I found a great neutral - I'll be searching for another great fuchsia shade!