Sunday, March 6, 2011

Under the way of the Castro!

Hey there - I am hoping you guys had a lovely weekend. I just wanted to share what I did with my husband, daughter and sister:

The Castro movie theater is a landmark - it's been there forever (circa 1922). There is even an old guy that plays the organ as live entertainment and when the movie is about to start he and the organ descend from the stage. This theater shows second run films and hosts a myriad of festivals: Asian American Film Fest, Noir Fests and of course Frameline (LGBT) Festival, etc....

We got in line with lots of families and it was just so awesome to see all the little girls dressed up as Ariel. We were then greeted by our hosts dressed up as Ariel and Chef Louis. We were handed little goody bags filled with movie themed props - it was very interactive, kind of like Rocky Horror Pictureshow with your kids. Right before the movie started there was a children's costume parade and then an adult costume contest. My little cupcake wore her Ariel teeshirt and pink tutu over her jeans. We opted to keep her seated because we had a feeling she wouldn't walk across the stage solo. Maybe next time.

I remember seeing this movie with my little sister - she was 5 and I was 14 or 15? I loved it as much as the first time I watched it. Also, I'm still peeved that Ursula, the octopuss Sea Witch was ignored by the MAC Villanous Villans collaboration.

You know you would wear that eyeshadow duo!

I'm pleased to say she sat quietly and intensely focused on the movie.

I'm wearing my King Triton crown and Gabi is wearing her Ariel pearl necklace.

The next Sing Along show is The Wizard of Oz - don't think she'll get into that one enthusiastically!

For your viewing pleasure:

Yes, I sang my little heart out in the theater when this song came on!

For more info on The Castro theater:


  1. I had hella fun, I'm so glad that Gabi got to see Little Mermaid!

  2. Yes, me too - that was so much fun!!