Friday, March 25, 2011

GREED is Good...

I have never watched the Oliver Stone film, Wall Street (1987) from beginning to end but Michael Douglas' Gordon Gekko coined the phrase, "Greed is good" and I am here to confirm that.

Greed, the latest Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion that is.

(cute Liliputian version of the regular size)
You know that gum and candy aisle at the grocery store? Well Sephora has duplicated that with their little impulse buy rack by their registers and this is where I found this deluxe travel sized primer potion.

(Top - sheered out Greed, Bottom - heavy swatch of Greed)
 It retails for $9 USD/0.13oz.

It's the latest in the collection of Urban Decay's famous line of eyeshadow primers. It's a shimmery gold that can be worn like a cream shadow or add a bit of a gold backbone to your shadows. It also adds a nice shimmer as a brow bone highlighter.

Solo on my bare lid.

Lid - UD Smog
Liner - NARS Shadow Stick, Aigle Noir
Highlighter - Greed Eyeshadow Primer

I don't have much experience with the original Primer so I can't fairly compare wear time. My shadow did last a grueling gym workout, I did notice a little browbone fading but it still looked nice. I am glad that I bought this travel size - it gave me a chance to play around with this formula without the commitment.

I experimented with some of the shadows in my Ammo palette:

L to R:
UD Smog by itself
Smog layered on top of Greed primer
Smog layered on top of Two Faced Shadow Insurance

I love the golden softness this added to a rather bronzey shade.

And I also played around with Grifter (lavendar w/silver glitter)

L to R:
Grifter by itself
Grifter on top of Greed - it gives it more of a silvery look.

Also, I just wanted to add that this little bottle had more product than yesterday's MUFE full sized lip gloss and it was half the cost. What's up with that?

Final assessment - I may purchase a full size once I use up this mini genie bottle.


  1. love! Can't get enough of shimmery gold cream shadows IMHO.

    Does it perform as well as the normal UDPP in terms of preventing creasing etc?

  2. Hi Jen,
    Yes, I agree with you - aside from the taupes I own, I seem to have a massive collection of gold/bronze shadows!

    I usually use Two Face Shadow Insurance primer so I can accurately compare to UD's original formula. I did notice no creasing both times I have worn this.

  3. So I just got the urban decay naked pallete and the potion came with it. It's such a fun pallete and the potion is fucking awesome. The whole thing was worth the forty bucks i spent for it :)

  4. I feel like I'm the last person on earth that doesn't have that palette! It's still on my list. It's a good one.