Monday, November 8, 2010


Contrary to that statement, I did give in and sell my gold jewelry to a gold buyer. Who knew I'd actually get money back for a broken earring, a class ring (I have yearbooks for memories) and an old necklace from an ex-boyfriend (we are still friends but I don't need a reminder of that past). I even got some money for the silver I turned in. My gold love is reserved for eye shadows.

You see, I have challenges finding my perfect foundation match.I try to have various makeup artists match my skin tone with many different brand foundation shades, ex: Burberry - #9, Chanel - Soft Honey, Mat Lumiere (still disappointed that Chanel discontinued this shade in my favorite formula, Teinte Innocence), Bronzelit Hydramax +  Active tinted moisturizer and the ever universal MAC matching - NC42. I have tan South Asian skin (golden brown with a yellow undertone) My skin also changes with the season - the shade that looked perfect in Winter can make me look ashy in the Summer...well actually it's constantly foggy here in the Bay Area so my skin tone has the tendency to change often. But tan or no tan, the one eye shadow color that seems to agree most with me is Gold. My latest acquisition - NARS' Etrusque is a beautiful gold shade that I have used almost everyday. I have been pairing this either with a thin black gel liner, like MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack or UD's glittery brown liner, Bourbon (lightly smudged along the bottom lash line). With the use of a good eye shadow primer this shadow lasted a good eight hours including a lunch time run on the treadmill for a full 30mns! I will mention there was a slight fade but didn't require a touch-up. Since the holidays are rapidly approaching I have been wearing red lips with this gold shadow. I have it lined up with some other favorites:

left to right:
NARS Etrusque
MAC Goldmine
UD Baked
UD Half Baked

According to the NARS site, Etrusque is described as antique gold with a shimmer finish. It has a buttery soft texture and applies like a dream. The best part is that there is minimal fall out.  Goldmine is a brighter gold, also a shimmer finish. Although UD's Baked and Half Baked are described more of a bronze shade I just wanted a color comparison to the golds.
Currently, this is my favorite NARS shadow (I have lots of favorites, actually) and I can easily see this being used when the temperature rises in the 80's late September (our Summer season) here in the Bay Area.

I recently bought this at my local Sephora on the last day of their Friends and Family sale - SCORE!!!!

Yes this is my arm and that is part of my wrist tattoo...I don't want to admit how many times I had to photograph this swatch profile. I will say it'll take me the next hour to delete all the rejects on my phone.


  1. Do you love gold like the Freaky Deaky Dutch? Your phone takes pretty good pix!

  2. HA - yeah I orginally wrote a line referring to Austin Powers but I took it out. I am assuming everyone knows where that came from! Thanks - the Droid ain't bad at all!