Friday, November 26, 2010

Teal Friday...

So along with endless College Football on Friday after Thanksgiving, we have a little something called "Black Friday" here in the States. Crazy people wake up at the un-godly hour of 3AM Friday morning to line up at various retail stores to cash in on crazy discounted items for the upcoming Holiday gift exchange time of the year. I, for one, like sleep, my space and like to take my time shopping. So I opt to stay home. I did manage to make it out of the house for an hour in the morning to get in a 3 mile run - trying to run off all the pecan pie I ate. So to maximize the free time I had I washed some dishes, did laundry and my favorite: took time to play with certain cosmetic items I had purchased months ago and finally experimented!

I finally tried out my MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide eyeliner pencil. I have owned a few shades of this limited edition eyeliner so I have always been a fan. MAC loves to toy with their customers with "Limited Edition" colors - seriously it gets annoying. It was first introduced in the Spring as a part of the Art Supplies collection. I was sad that it sold out by the end of the day of it's first release. You read so many rave reviews online before the products are actually in the store. MAC is genius for creating such a buzz it sometimes  backfires - most stores will put you on a waiting list or pre-sell but what happens is that demand is so high there isn't enough supply to support it. I have gotten burned many times. I now refuse to presell. If I show up and it's there it's meant to be if not, well I'll just move along. Because if you are patient enough a very popular item/color will show up again! Hello Undercurrent eyeliner - reintroduced in the Tartan Tale Holiday line!! Sometimes, it's just all hype and the products aren't all that once you see it in person (Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish).

However, when an item can live up to it's hype it's truly rewarding, such as Undercurrent. It's described as a bluish teal but it pulls more green on me. I also love the way it looks - it's very pigmented and wet looking before you smudge it. I love it smudged - the gold shimmer that's left behind is just stunning. I'm just sorry I wanted a month before trying this out. I paired this with my NARS Rajasthan duo and MAC 'All the Glitters' (beige with gold shimmer)- surprisingly it didn't take very long at all.

(L to R - MAC ALG, NARS Rajasthan duo, Undercurrent pencil)

My eye of the day:

I drew a thick line above my top lashline - I took my #219 brush (MAC) and smudged the top of the thick line to diffuse right below my crease without losing the defined line at my lashes. It left a wonderful shimmery gold base. I took the dark blue-green charcoal shade of the Rajasthan duo and pat it on my lid. I then took the shimmery beige shade and took it to my crease. I also used the dark teal like shade to my lower lashline. Because the MAC Pearlglide liners have small bits of glitter it is NOT recommended to use on the waterline. So I don't always like to line my lashline with them. Next was MAC 'All that Glitters' under my brow. Blend well with fluffy blending brush! Follow up with lots of black mascara and smile.

NO I didn't include a final face photo. I couldn't decide on a lip color to pair with this so I was just so pleased with my eyes.

I did decide to take the easy way out and just apply a mixture of two NARS glosses mixed together:
Ophelia (Strawberry Nectar) and Easy Lover (sheer hot pink)...hmm....maybe I should do a review of that soon. Those are two glossed I would have never thought to pair with each other!

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