Monday, November 22, 2010

Shoe (Bootie) of the day - 11/22/10

I bought these shoes last year at Zara. These little suede, side zip booties made me pay more attention to footwear at Zara, Mango and also H&M. I love that the heel isn't too high (3') and it's a bit of a wedge. The pointed toe does get a bit uncomfortable by the end of the day but that's just because I have wide feet. They cost me $99(USD) and fortunately I got to use a gift card towards my purchase. I tend to wear these with black tights and dresses (cut above the knee). I also have worn these with black cropped pants and also straight leg slacks for work. I recently went back to Zara and found MANY cute heels and booties but of course there was not enough money in my pocket for them...there was makeup I had to buy. How else am I going to review eye shadows and lipsticks??

Then else am I going to support Shoe of the Day posts?

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