Monday, November 29, 2010

Challenge 2...LEX vs. AMMO

Well it's now 25 days till Xmas. I still get annoyed to see Xmas decorations for sale before Halloween but as December approaches I start getting the Holiday spirit. Also it helps that my husband bought a new (fake) tree and put up our festive lights outside the house. We even decorated our new tree...okay cue in the Johnny Mathis Xmas music! Okay let's get back to the matter at hand - gift shopping. If you are like me and have a large extended family you look for deals - you also HATE shopping this time of year. I still refuse partaking in Black Friday (I'm sorry but no deal is worth me standing in the freezing cold at 2AM - even if I can score a big screen TV for $200 less). I am one of those last minute shoppers but the good news is you do catch some good last minute sales. To maximize my Holiday budget I will be revisiting my old stash of makeup. I am taking this time to reunite with an old friend.

I GIVE YOU CHALLENGE 2: 5 days/1 palette

LEX vs. UD's Ammo  Palette


First colors up: Smog (deep copper bronze)/Maui Wowie (med. gold w/chunky silver glitter)

(L to R: Smog, MW, D&G #10, UD Underground, MAC PP Groundwork)

Also used:
MAC Paint Pot - Groundwork (base from lashline to under brow)
Dolce & Gabbana eyeliner - #10 (top lashline only)
UD 24/7 - Underground (bottom waterline)

For this quick eye look MAC's Groundwork (mid-tone neutral taupe) was used as a base - smog was then patted on  top of that to my crease. Maui Wowie was applied to the inner corner of lid to middle of iris of eye. I took a fluffy blending brush and smoothed out any harsh lines. I really don't use any of the lighter shades as a highlighter because it's too frosty/glittery for my taste so I used the neutral Groundwork paint pot as a shadow base and highlighter. D&G #10 (drk coffee brown) pencil lined the lop lashline and the bottom lashline/waterline I used UD's 24/7 Underground (metallic taupe) and smudged with the MAC #219 pencil brush.

Other details:
Mascara: MAC Haute and Naughty - Black
Eyebrows: MAC Espresso/#266 brush
Foundation: Barcelona Sheer Glow
Blush - NARS Gilda (coral)
Bronzer - NARS Laguna (golden brown shimmer)
Lipgloss - NARS Sweet Dreams (pink grapefruit)
Lipstick - NARS Falbala (bronze rose shimmer)

Final result:

I have traveled with palette in the past without any other shadows...maybe just an accompanying paint pot so I know I can get through this challenge. This is one of my favorite palettes and this was the one item that introduced me to the Urban Decay line. Also these challenges are good for me - it forces me to dig out gems that are hiding in the bottom of my makeup stash!

Italicized font - taken from MAC/UD website.


  1. you so pretty miss lexi!!!! <3ebilz

  2. Aw thanks - so happy to see you here! How are the kids?