Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 5 - If I Could Escape....

Okay it can't be a red lip challenge without channeling this SoCal beauty as an inspiration. I'm not going to lie - I did not like Gwen when No Doubt first hit the scene in the early 90's. I was a punk about it - "who's the blonde chick wearing a bindi...she's so annoying..." well cut to the year 2000. No Doubt was performing live at the X Games here in SF (free event). She was probably the most energetic female performer I ever saw live. I appreciate that in a front woman/man of a band.  She entertained me like I paid to see her. I then saw her again live at the Oakland Oracle Arena about 3yrs ago - this time as a solo act and mother of two small children. She was just as entertaining and fun to watch. Oh Gwen, I'm a hater no fact you are the mom (okay maybe also Angie J.) I secretly wish I could have play dates with - our children would get along so well. She also once mentined that she shopped at the retailer, Clothestime in high school and wear their clothes in her own way. I was an avid shopper at Clothestime as well in the 6th grade and middle school.
Gwen Stefani - still JUST A GIRL...
OKAY on to colors used of Day 5 of my Red lip challenge:

(L to R Arena, Amber Lights, Texture - MAC/NC 42 Skin)

I took a relatively easy approach to my eyes today.
Amber Lights: Lid - Peach brown shimmer - Frost Finish
Texture - Crease - Reddish brown shimmer - Veluxe Finish - leans on the orange side on me.
Arena -  Highlight - Soft gold peach - Satin Finish. This is my ultimate favorite for a "my lid but better" look - as you can see it almost sinks into my skin.

I finished with a liquid eye liner - Milani Eye Tech - Black. I winged the edges just for that Rockabilly vibe that Gwen rocks so lovely.

I kept cheeks simple with Edward Bess bronzer - Daydream to contour
NARS cream blush - Lokoum - Rose coral - my skin definitely picks up the gold in this color.

I know Gwen uses Ruby Woo or Russian Red. But as you know, my lips do not like MAC lipstick unfortunately. So I went with Dolce and Gabbana's Magnifica, a lovely warm red in their Shine formula. It has just a bit more moisture than their Classic lipstick line but just as much pigment.

Final result:

Ha - this is exact my makeup look when I was 16!

This was a great challenge that forced me to wear color on my lips again. Seriously, you are reading about a girl that loved nothing more than a good glossy nude lip. I could whip out a gloss wand or nude lipstick and apply with pure abandon and without a mirror. I had to face the fact - the holidays are approaching and a nude lip wasn't just going to cut it.

I think I had to add an extra five minutes to my makeup routine just for my red lipstick application. There's no rushing that process, well unless you're Courtney Love. Ha - LOVE YA COURTNEY! The irony is that when I was a young teenager I would love nothing more on my face that blood red lips - I guess it must have been all that Sex Pistols, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees I was listening to. I have embraced the bold color red once again, yet I am still getting use to the attention it brings. Also, it doesn't have to be a bold bright red, you can go with a coral red, tomato, wine or brown based maroon (for that 90's look) if that makes you comfortable. Don't forget cherry lip glosses are great to slowly ease you back to wearing color if you are not ready for the full commitment.


  1. Gurl you do look like 16 (plus 10) in the pic above ;)...
    Love Gwen, love red lipstick, and love your blog!!
    Cant wait to

  2. You look NOTHING like an Asian Steet Walker. Congratulations!