Sunday, November 21, 2010

How was your weekend?

Are you like me? You wake up Sunday morning slightly disappointed knowing just in a few short hours you have to go through the daunting routine of getting up, getting ready and jumping into commute trains or lanes with other disgruntled workers just hoping for the best on a Monday. Maybe I should just reflect on the peaceful time I had with my family at the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts  - it's a pretty neat place for the art community. It's not very often we willingly jump into the car and head over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County. Yes, it's a $6 toll but it's not that far from home and it's just beautiful once you get off the bridge. You know you are reaching the coastal wilderness when you lose cell phone reception forcing you to forget about checking text messages or in my husband's case, football scores. It was a good mini escape for us - chilly yes, but just a gorgeous walk.

My husband with our mini cupcake

The Arts building is a converted military building dating back from 1907 at Fort Barry and a few steps away houses International visitors with a Hostel and housing for visiting artists. There really is nothing else Target...not even a 7-11. It's pretty isolated but it forces you to get back in touch with you natural surrounding. I did see a few Direct TV satellite dishes outside some of the homes so I guess there is hope for me if I actually found myself here for a week. So much for thinking that this is just another Hippie Commune.

Not the Art Building

Random boat

We did have an actual purpose visiting the space - we visited an artist that my husband knew from art school, Seher Shah. Please read about her and her work here. Here are a few samples of her work in progress:

I admire the artists' dedication and discipline it takes to see the final product of their hardwork. I have written a few short, one-act stage pieces so I know the feeling. I just wish I had more in me to really follow up a few more ideas I have flying in my mind. I'm not a conceptual artist, I don't paint, I can't even properly build a sandcastle. I'm just a former film student working in Corporate America trying to find her way. I still feel an inspiration to nuture the creativity that still lurks within. I'm not ready to join the Hippie Artist Commune but it's nice to know that one can feel the vibe while walking among the trees.

Maybe that's another pupose of this blog...not just spreading the joy of lipstick and shoes but also forcing myself to complete a concise thought when all I want to do is watch mindless television, drink a glass of wine and pass out on the couch next to my husband.

I wonder how often this basketball court was used....

Let's hope this short week runs smoothly - any special Thanksgiving plans? 

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