Thursday, November 25, 2010 least I tried

Today, here in the 'States, is the mother of all eating holidays...THANKSGIVING! It wasn't until 1863 when good ol'Abe Lincoln proclaimed it a national annual holiday to celebrate on the 4th Thursday here in the U.S. to commerate the first meal  exchange between the Plymouth colonists and the Native Americans in 1621. Now Americans celebrate by putting on sweat pants or overalls to gorge on Turkey meat, potatoes and pumpkin in every form - your truly included.

This year I will be showing my signs of  true adulthood - we are hosting it here at my house for the very first time. I was even assigned the duty of roasting the damn bird! I keep thinking this is my mother's way of setting me up for disaster...but I know deep down inside she's not THAT evil (well only when she wants to be). I did give myself another challenge - homemade pie with homemade pie dough. Now, I have mastered the layered cake, the cupcake, the perfect cookie, lemon - pecan name it.I have always been frightened of rolling dough. But I figured to have no fear and just go full force no looking back. Making the dough was actually pretty easy, rolling it wasn't as tough as I thought. I even fit into my pie plate easily. I was confident...I even crimped the edges pretty. I make my pie filling - Chocolate Pecan and pour it into my lovely pie dough. I was swooning and I can't remember the last time I was so proud of myself. Well about 5mns into baking time - it happened. The edges that I crimped so lovingly - COLLAPSED pushing my filling closer to the center. My big pie shrunk into a tart. I was PISSED. I stomped around and got into a mini fight with my husband. I just got annoyed by over compensating compliments - I knew I failed I just didn't want him to lie to me anymore. I gave him the silent treatment. He didn't deserve that - he's a lovely man and that remined me just how lucky I am. Not because I can bake, I have pretty shoes or I can apply makeup well. I am lucky and thankful I have this wonderful man by my side and a healthy, rambunctious daughter that runs up to me to say, "Hi Mommy" then she'll ask me for something to eat. Either way that's all it takes for me to be truly happy.

Okay, so my turkey is coming out pretty well - I am just hoping it's not as dry as I (and many other turkey roasters) feared. Well looks like there'll be extra helping of gravy if that's the case.

The star of the show - hope it's as good as it looks!

and here's my sad little pie:

Oh well at least I tried...

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely Holiday!

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