Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ammo Palette Day 2 - Shattered/Mildew

Okay so today's look is ho-hum. I'm on the fence but then again I knew a shimmery blue/green wasn't going to work too well on my NC42 skin (Shattered), however I love Mildew (deep green), the eye shadow. The real mildew wreaks havoc on my asthma and has damaged many lovely shoes I once had. This is the tragedy if you live (or lived) near the ocean!

(L to R: Shattered, Mildew, MAC PP - Bare Study)

So day 2 is off to a meh start. I have to be a good sport and just roll with it. The good note is that I never wore these two shades together and they actually do work but you wouldn't think it looking at them side by side:

Personally, I wouldn't wear these together but then again I'm not one to wear a powdery blue like this. Although, I was very envious of Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) in the later episodes of Brady Brunch - she rocked a powder blue eye shadow. I love that 70's SoCal Surfer girl vibe.

Okay so here is my eye for today's challenge:

MAC Bare Study (soft beige w/gold shimmer) - base from lash line to underneath brow
Shattered - lid
Mildew - crease and outer V
MAC Sense of Style (blackened navy w/drk blue shimmer - Kohl Power Eye Pencil) top lash line only
MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara in Black
Brows - MAC Espresso e/s w/#266 brush

I guess I like it:

Blush - NARS - Oasis (warm pink w/gold shimmer)
Lip Gloss - Ophelia/Easy Lover

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