Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shoe of the Day - 11/18

Sometimes you will find a gem when you least expect it. I remember around this time last year visiting my mother-in-law in Orlando, FL. We were there for a long weekend and yes, a visit to Disneyworld was made. The off day in between park visits, I had one request - OUTLET SHOPPING! I can't remember exactly where or even the name of the outlet mall but I was in heaven! They had a DIOR OUTLET!!! Unfortunately the items in my price range was not very desireable. I did manange to find a cute black work bag ($39.99 - currently using) and a beautiful, long, charcoal grey and black cashmere cardigan by Rag and Bone ($100) at the Barneys NY outlet. Just as we were about to sit and have lunch. I spot a Kenneth Cole outlet. I think I inhaled my food before my husband, Mom-in-law and daughter took their second bite just so I can run over there. Right when I was going to walk out of the store out of sheer disappointment, I spotted these babies! From the lower price line Reaction: two tone T-strap, 4' (w/a 1/2' platform), open toe, synthetic upper and a rubber outsole. The outsole is what makes the shoe actually comfortable. I can't say or recommend walking from the Embarcadero to the Westfield mall on Market/5th or play a round of B-Ball but I can comfortably walk a few blocks in these shoes with no problem. What makes them even better - the price - $39.99

color on my toes - Stormy (Rescue Beauty Lounge)

I like to wear these with my slim fit cropped ankle pants from The Gap or I pair them with wide or straight leg slacks. When the weather is just right, I pair them with dresses and skirts. I am thinking about wearing them with colorful tights and a black dress when the weather gets even colder.

I get a lot of compliments on these shoes and I have to say they are one of my favorites.

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