Monday, November 8, 2010

Who is the former girl at bar?

I am a 36 yr. old Bay Area native. You would be able to find me in various dive bars along the Mission, the Sunset, North Beach...well pretty much anywhere that had a liquor license about 5 yrs ago. When I shut down my PC now at work and rush out the door it's not because I want the first one to receive that lemon drop martini at the start of Happy Hour; it's to pick up my toddler daughter from pre-school before the cut off time. Since it's frowned upon picking up your child from school smelling like a distillery, I haven't been to a happy hour in ages and when I do I can make a glass of wine last for an hour an a half if I have to. The one thing that constantly challenges me is the getting ready process. Can I successfully put myself together in less than an hour before I have to get my little cupcake all dolled up for school.

This blog is a learning process. I am also very friendly. I like new friends and have made a few just making a few consistent comments on other beauty/fashion blogs. I also need a thicker skin. I am quite aware the power of hurtful remarks. I come from the school of treating others how you want to be treated. I am never snarky in my comments unless it's a celebrity picture and she (or he) is asking for it. I can also be sarcastic - please take my words with a grain of salt. I really do mean well but sometimes my comments can come off as b*tchy. Don't mind me - it's all in jest, hormones or I just really need more coffee (booze)

The name? Well I was a film student at SFSU and I earned an associate producer credit for a small independent film, Quality of Life (2004) and I had a one line speaking part. Yes, the other credit on screen I earned was simply "girl at bar" I'm on IMDB because of this film.

So my main focus of this blog is cosmetics because the inner beauty editor in me will never die and a few favorite cocktails thrown in (new and classic).

This is a learning process so please be kind.


  1. Yip Yip YEEEEEEE. I'm so excited to see what you are going to write about. Blogging is extremely cathartic and awesome. Keep it up "Former Girl...."

  2. Hi, Lexi! Congratulations on taking the plunge. Tabs says he likes your blog theme, particularly that chair in the lower left corner. It looks comfy. :)

  3. Whee!!! I can't wait to read more. I love the theme too. It XOXOXOX - Elvira

  4. I hope you remembered to put "lisstick" on Gabi! Hah! Yay you finally did it, "YEAH!"

  5. Awesome! I really enjoy reading your blogs.