Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where did the time go?? Day 3...

I cannot believe I was too busy to jot down my challenge results today. I guess that's a good thing?? Well today was also my 5 yr anniversary here at my job, which isn't an easy feat but I did it! I'm so proud I lasted this long!

Moving on:
Day 3 - Polyester Bride/Oil Slick

( L to R: MAC PP Bare Study, Polyester Bride, Oil Slick)

It was a big challenge - I am wearing too chunky glitter shades together. Yes, clean up was a bit of a hassle so I put on my foundation last this time around. The outcome was an easy smoky eye.

Bare Study - base (from lashline to under my brow)
Polyester Bride (white w/silver glitter) - base to crease
Oil Slick (black w/silver glitter) - outer v

Top lash line - MAC Feline (true black)
Bottom 3/4 lash line - UD 24/7 Oil Slick (black w/silver glitter) with the Oil Slick e/s blended with it.

MAC Haute and Naughty - Black

Edward Bess Daydream

EB Compact Rouge for Lips/Cheeks - After Sunset (brownish rose)

Compact Rouge - After Sunset
EB Deep Shine lipgloss - Nude Seduction (dark nude pink without any shimmer or glitter)

Ta Da:

I am actually surprised that the compact rouge worked well on my lips. Usually those dual purpose products only look good on one spot of my face. I'm still trying to find the perfect NARS Multiple shade on me!

Also have q-tips and eye makeup remover within arm's reach - you will need it when applying chunky UD eyeshadows!

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