Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another look at Unflappable

I just wanted to show a few more pictures of Unflappable compared to Smut and I even threw in a swatch of the Later pigment for good measure.

Yup, this confirms my love for Unflappable. Which is good because it's a pretty big boy compared to the other MAC single shadows. I don't know if I will ever hit the pan on this but I know I'll have fun trying!

And here's Smut:
Also a dark grey/brown but with a reddish-violet cast.

And for a size comparison:

At 3.4g at $19.50 USD vs. the regular sized 1.5g at $14.50 USD it's a pretty good value. And there are 15 different colors to choose from - you are guaranteed to find a color to suit you. But if you are like me and have enough shadows to last you through the apocalypse, one is enough.

Swatch line up:

L to R:
Later pigment - I think it's a black base but because of all the multi-colored shimmer it has it gives off a navy appearance with a red-violet sheen in certain light. I love using this wet as a liner - it looks more purple when using a mixing medium with this. Mr. Lex said it looked like asphalt. I like that description!

Unflappable - described on the MAC site as "frosted black with a purple pearl and yes in the picture it does look that way but swatched I find it to be a dark grayish brown with plum tones. Yesterday, I used it with Style Snob and today it was paired with Woodwinked. I loved it with both shades. I also smudge it on my bottom lash line.

Smut - described on the site as "muted black with a red shimmer" and yes it looks that way in the picture on the site but on my arm it looks like a dark gray/brown with a red-violet shimmer.

It claims to be non-creasing and I have to agree with that but then again I always use a primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and I don't have oily eyelids. This has a lovely metallic shimmer without the annoying chunky glitter, I didn't notice any annoying fallout. The one caveat is that the lighter shades seem to be on the sheer side, Tweet Me comes to mind.

I do not regret returning Tweet Me to the MAC store because I know that it would just collect dust in the bottom of my makeup case if I kept it. I have way too many shadows that I probably should have returned instead of hoping it would become a wearable color.  

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