Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beauty Rewind and a booze review...

Hello there. I hope your weekend is a pleasant one. This is how I celebrated the start of mine:

Maker's Mark Manhattan
Il Pirata, 16th/Potrero, SF

I attended a very belated birthday roast of a good friend of mine. Nothing better than celebrating a birthday that was almost 3 months ago with good malicious bashing humor and a smooth bourbon cocktail. Maker's Mark is considered a "wheater" bourbon, the 2nd grain (flavor maker) is wheat instead of rye. Therefore, it produces a sweeter bourbon. The other components of this cocktail is very basic: sweet vermouth, angostura bitters and a maraschino cherry for garnish - shake in a cocktail shaker and pour into a martini glass straight up. It don't get more basic than that! This is my favorite basic bourbon - it's always good and each time I order a drink with Maker's Mark I am reminded that I need to add a bottle to my home collection of booze. The only factor that would make this beverage inconsistent is ordering from different bartenders - the first bartender made my Manhattan a lot smoother than the second bartender. Ugh, when will I learn? Try to order from the same bartender that made your delicious beverage!

Okay and now on to my beauty rewind. This is my first beauty round-up so please bear with me. It was an extremely busy work week so I didn't do a whole lot of blog reading - seriously this is a shocker even for me.

Jen of My Funny Valentine reviews a brilliantly named lip product. I love a good coral pink shade but the name alone is worth the shipping/handling fees.

Karen introduces a nail polish for Spring that is making it hard for me to walk away from.

Sabrina reviews GA's Eyes to Kill mascara - Excess vs. Regular.

Elvira speaks to my inner-goth girl with her cake eyeliner review.

Gaia makes me reminisce of the good 'ol Stila days.

As for me, this eyeshadow really makes me rethink the whole limited edition marketing that tends to make me obsess.

My Sunday plans: Morning yoga, pedicure and planning dinners for the week. My husband will be posted on the couch watching Football...just 2 more weeks of football season.

I'm counting down the days till Baseball season starts again!

Here's to Sunday - let's try to forget that Monday is right around the corner.


  1. lexi have you tried caipirihnas?
    my_favourite_cocktail_evar_! ^_^

    ps: how can i message you?

  2. Hi there and yes I do love that tasty Brazilian cocktail, caipirihna. I love it more than mojitos - there I said it.

    Go to my blogger profile page - there's a link to my email address if you have any questions.