Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gris Montainge...I probably should have picked up a bottle...

Don't you hate it when you swatch something at the store and then you do a mental inventory of your existing stash at home (probably annoying the S.A. helping you during this thought process) and think I'm cool - I don't need it, I have something similar at home. Then you get home you swatch what you think is close in color only to discover it wasn't even close. And now you're obsessed!

This was my thought process as I swatched Dior's new polish color for the Spring Gris Montaigne up against my bottle of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Stormy:

(NC 42 skin)
 L to R:
RBL's Stormy
Dior Gris Montaigne

My first impression - this is an awesome gray. When I think of the color gray, this is what comes to mind - very neutral. Stormy looks very cool in comparison. I have no experience wearing Dior so I didn't know what to expect applying it to my pinky. I was at my local Macy's with a very annoyed looking sales associate assisting me. She was from the nearby Lancome counter and really had nothing else to do, so if anything you'd think she'd be more accommodating.

Okay, I know that is besides the point - back to the awesome Dior polish.

I love the tapered brush, I was able to apply a good amount to cover the nail on the first swipe. A few seconds later and I apply layer #2. WOW - this thing dries quick! Without my usual Seche Vite topcoat - this nail looks pretty damn glossy. My one pet peeve - I can see my nail bed through the polish. Maybe I needed to apply a thicker coat. I applied to coats of RBL's Stormy - very opaque and I can't see my nail bed through the color. I guess that would be my only strike against the Dior but like I said this is my first experience using the color so I'm not sure if it's a fair assessment. I am really loving this color - a true dark gray cream. Honestly, I cannot detect any shimmer - I could be wrong.

This polish is $2 less than Chanel ($21 vs $23) and if it last longer than a Chanel polish I may have to switch brands when it comes to purchasing luxury nail polishes. I still need to try out the Butter London line of polishes. So far my favorite polish over the $10 limit is still Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Gris Montainge is part of Dior's City Gris trio:
Gris Montainge - a homage to the Dior House in Paris
Bond Street - inspired by the London fog - a grayish blue
NY 57th Street - metallic, gunmetal gray - inspired by Manhattan at dawn.

NYC and Paris are my two favorite cities - so you know I'm dying for these two polishes. I have yet to make it to London, however it won't stop me from obsessing over this color, too!

I found Gris Montaigne at my local Macy's - I believe it can be found at department stores carrying the Dior line. This is a Spring color so get it while you can!


  1. Have you tried (apologies if you blogged it and I missed it) the American Apparel 'Factory Grey' polish? It's a lilac-ish greige, tending more toward grey. I think it's lasted pretty well for me given the amount of abuse I've been giving it. Also, wanted to say thanks -- after reading your blog I was inspired to try wearing makeup again (I like buying it better than wearing it) and *every day* somebody has told me I look "beautiful" -- not nice or pretty, beautiful! I guess I must have been looking like chopped liver before, dang.

  2. Sarvi,

    Chopped liver? Never - you have a lovely smile that radiates all by itself! I am glad I can inspire to wear makeuup again. I agree with the thrill of purchasing cosmetics - sometimes I just like to stare at my NARS eyeshadow palettes!

    I haven't tried any of the American Apparel polishes because I have been anti-American Apparel but I guess I can let that slide in the name of nail polish! hahahaha

    Thanks again Sarvi for your kind words, truly. I know you don't just give out compliments to be nice - so I am really flattered.

    I hope you and your family are well. When will our daughters play together??

  3. After I graduate this summer and if this blessed child EVER sleeps through the night, which I am currently defining as "four hours in a row", we will definitely come to the Bay -- lots of friends there with kids. Also lots of goodies at Tartine, haha!

  4. Oh Tartine - if only parking didn't suck around your bakery, I'd be there every Sunday morning eating glorious Morning Buns and taking home endless amounts of Banana Cream Tartes!

  5. hey lexi~
    how can i message you?