Saturday, January 1, 2011

My thoughts on highlighters and a January plan...

Good afternoon my lovelies, I hope you are not nursing any hangovers!

Today here's my thoughts on shimmery highlighters: 1. high frost = ashiness and 2. It won't show on my skin. I can't even blush naturally. I guess that's a good thing - nobody will ever detect my embarrassment.

Well I have come a long way. I have started a small collection of high lighting powders (Dior's Shimmer Powder - Amber Diamond, MAC's MSF Petticoat/Stereo Rose, Edward Bess' All Over Seduction - Afterglow and a sadly crumbled Albatross). I will only talk about my recent acquisition: MAC's Special Reserve Highlight Powder - Chez Chez Lame. I really was skeptical about this one. It looks like a frosty light, beige shimmer but when applied it makes your skin glow. Careful with the application because you can really pack the reflective shine if you don't tap of the excess on your blush brush. I really thought it was just going to make me look ashy - I was delightfully wrong. It has been described as a "soft gold with silver shimmer" - I'm not seeing the silver really. It applies very easily. I don't find this as frosty as the MSF blushes/highlighers. I like to apply this with a flat blush brush vs. a round high on my cheek bones. I haven't tried my skunk brush with this one just yet.

I compared it to another highlighter I have (currently shattered in it's pan sadly) NARS Albatross:

L to R:
Chez Chez Lame

As you can see the Albatross has more of a yellow gold cast whereas the CCL has more of a soft champagne beige shimmer. It all depends on your mood, I guess.

While I mourn the loss of my Albatross highlighter, I will cry on Chez Chez Lame's shoulder. And yes, it will probably take advantage of me in my vulnerable state.

This is from MAC's Cham-Pale collection and yes, it's Limited Edition - get them while you can!

And now a special announcement:
Okay so this in not a New Year's resolution...I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION!

I am taking a vow from this day until 1/31/11 - I declare this month a "NO-MAKEUP BUY" month. This is huge for me but in order to be finacially responsible I have to refrain for a month. I know I can do it - I have plenty of makeup to play with and also, it will force me to dig deep and be creative.

My husband was the most excited to hear about this month challenge.

I don't know what will be harder: sticking to a healthy diet or avoiding the Chanel/NARS/Dior counter at my local Nordstrom.


  1. Good luck Lexi! Wish I had the will power to even consider a makeup ban for 1 month

  2. Thanks girl, I need all the support I can get!