Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Manicure for 2011 - it's no surprise really...

(This is a lot prettier in person, TRUST!)

Chanel's Black Pearl. Sorry, nothing original here and it's bandwagon jumping yet again for me. I guess it's the inner goth girl in me that will always love dark polishes. I am also lucky that my nail color isn't frowned upon by my bosses (like they do with my wrist tattoo).

The color is a very complex black base with teal and green streaks, depending on the lighting you view this shade. It's gorgeous and I own nothing quite like it. The nail technician applied two thin coats on me and maybe I need to do two thick layers next time I paint my own nails - I can see the top of my natural nail of my left ring finger in the light. That is a pet peeve of mine - if I have nail polish on I expect that it'll be opaque enough and I shouldn't see any of my natural nail peeking through the color. I think it may just be technique versus polish. The test will be when I do my own nails. Unfortunately, I don't have much luck with Chanel polishes like I do with Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. I will get 2 days if I am lucky with a Chanel polish (I can get up to 4-5 days with a RBL polish).

This is a great polish to own if you have nothing like it in your stash and/or you have no problem spending serious loot for nail polish ($23) - needless to say, I currently own 2 Chanel polishes. I really have to LOVE it in order for me to buy it.

(I know, it looks like a gunmetal shade and not the beautiful teal/green duochrome everyone is raving about)
 Sadly, I have to report that three of my nails have already chipped. They are small but it was big enough for me to notice. All I did was cook dinner but the true test was peeling an orange for my daughter. It didn't pass the peeling an orange test. I'll have to make sure I am top of touch ups and reapplying a top coat every other night. 

On the train to work this morning. I noticed another nail that chipped - pretty severely. UGH - I really have to reconsider future Chanel polish purchases. I guess it's a sign that I have no business buying $23 nail polish haha


  1. I saw this in a magazine and was really curious. I have actually had great luck with Chanel polishes in the past -- have you always noticed they chip, or is this in the past two years? I wonder if quality has declined, or if there's something different in the way different shades are formulated -- I always did well with a light lilac shade they had, don't recall the name, but had less luck with Vamp. I also thought Vamp would become dull very quickly.

  2. Pretty! I was surprised that Paradoxal lasted on my toes for a while but then again it is winter and my toes were covered and I added a second coat of Seche Vite...but still might make me justify buying a bottle, if they're out there. I'm now wearing Blue India, courtesy of you!

  3. Hi Sarvi,
    I think I may have owned one or two Chanel polishes back in the day. I guess I never had a whole lot of luck with them on my fingers. The color is really cool - go for it if you think you'll love it. I also bought the Paradoxal (that my sister below mentioned) and that has also chipped easily on my finger nails.

    Yes, I have better luck with them on my toes for the same reason. I guess I'll just save the Chanel polish for my pedicures. I believe they still have Paradoxal - I think it's a permanent color now. I am so glad I bought you that Blue India.

    I still love this color and I don't regret purchasing even though I'll be lucky to get through the day without anymore chipping.

  4. What a shame about the chipping, especially for the price.

    Looks gorgeous though, and I also like dark polishes!

  5. Hi Jen,
    Yeah it's a total bummer but I do love this color. Oh well, I guess it'll be a pedicure color.

    Oh PS, because of your NARS Heatwave lipstick picture, I am now obsessed with orange-red lips! hahaha