Monday, January 24, 2011

Making my brown eyes blue...

Yes, I am currently humming this song in my head. And this is the real reason why:

UD 24/7 liner - Binge - Dark Navy Blue/soft sheen. This is a perfect denim blue eyeliner, in my opinion. I bought this about 2 yrs ago as part of the Super Stash Eye Pencil gift set from Sephora.

To commemorate their 15 yr. anniversary, Urban Decay put out this tremendous 24/7 set. Because I don't have $92 to spend on eyeliner I thought I would pull out the 24/7 pencils I do have in my collection and celebrate on my own.

I like to wear colored eyeliners like this with very neutral shadows so I can let the eyeliner speak for itself.

Also used:
MAC pigment/Tan - lid
NARS/Nepal - crease
MAC e/s/Arena - brow bone

With all UD 24/7 eye pencils, I get good wear time. I am wearing the said items over my TFSI primer. It does go on a bit sheer at first so I find myself tracing 2-3 times to get a good blue line. It doesn't really bother me much but it may be annoying for others. This will come off easily with my Almay eye makeup remover pad.

Yes, this is helping me face yet another dreary start of the work week! I guess I'll just wait till I get home to put on the long black wig and sing into my deodorant can like I'm on the Solid Gold stage.


  1. Hi Lexi, I just awarded you the stylish blogger award...check it out at

    Keep up the fab work! Rachael x

  2. Thank you so much Rachael. This means so much to me!!!