Sunday, January 9, 2011

mmm...cupcakes...and my last MAC fail for the time being.

I baked these chocolate cupcakes with black raspberry buttercream frosting for my cousin's birthday party. Yes, I ate more than my share and I'm prepping myself to go back out to the track for a 3 mile run...ugh, so not looking forward to it but I have to remember my Bay to Breaker training - 12 K (7.46 miles) run through SF in May.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I had dinner/drinks with my sisters Friday night and it was great to reconnect and have quality sister time. I don't have a booze review because this time I played it safe and ordered my new favorite and simple cocktail, Hendrick's Gin and Tonic. I was in no mood to drink day-glo cocktails this time. Saturday was family time and after my run today, I think I have just one errand to run and that's it. I love low-key, do nothing weekends, don't you? It's important to have some quiet time before facing a full work week - BOO, I miss the Holidays already!

Okay so here's my last MAC fail (for now):
I love a good paint pot - I own four: Bare Study, Rubenesque, Groundwork, and Indianwood. They are great eyeshadow bases and when I am feeling lazy on the weekends it's a lovely wash of color on my lids. So you know I was super excited to see new paint pots from the Cham-Pale collection. These were limited edition of course.

Oh, limited collection, that phrase will send a MAC fanatic to lose her mind and travel all over the city just to find it. Well this time I worked in a team this time around. I was helping a friend pick colors for an eye look for a NYE party and when we both swatched Dangerous Cuvee we were in heaven and of course you hear those dreadful words, "Sorry, we're sold's a limited edition!"

(Dangerous Cuvee in it's lovely frosty cool grey glory)

(I love the way it looks swatched on my arm - NC42/LM Tinted moisturizer - CARAMEL)

So my friend went to a freestanding MAC store on the way back to her place and yes, success - she scored two!! I was so excited. I couldn't wait to play with and then it happened.

It's so sheer and when I tried to apply another layer it just looked patchy and awful. I also tried to layer another eyeshadow on top of it - not much success.

I also bought Let Me Pop - frosty light copper

L to R:
Let me Pop
Rubenesque - peachy gold shimmer

Again, swatches lovely:

LMP is the swatch on the left - I just wanted to compare it to Rubenesque on the right. That extra frostiness should have been a huge hint to me but I wanted something a little different - extra frostiness and all.

On the lid:

It was waaaaay too sheer and the only thing that was apparent was the glitter. This is too much glitter for my 36 year old face. I wanted more of a copper color on my lid but all I got was an abundance of copper glitter instead. DID.NOT.WANT....

So needless to say, this went back.

This really did prep me for the start of my no-makeup buy pledge! And how am I doing so far? I am pretty good. My test has been just reading what's out there either in editorials or other beauty blog posts and not breaking down to buy any of it. My plan of action is just to either replicate what I am seeing with what I have or just putting my own spin the current trend. Either way I am retraining myself on how I should purchase cosmetics.The only thing I have bought so far are new buffing blocks and a strengthening base coat for my weak, splitting nails. I was pleased that I walked away from the nail polishes without buying another bottle. I did discover just how much I love the Sally Beauty Supply store haha!

I should not be swayed by the phrase Limited Edition because I know MAC well enough to wait it out and I'll find it at my local Company Store or it'll be released again with another collection. Also, I am taking stock of what I have and cleaning out my makeup storage case and pouches. I just hope I don't forget what I learned when I lift the ban next month. I have already made mental notes of what to check out in Feb (D&G and NARS spring collections). Ugh this could be trouble.

Bad enough to constitute NO-MAKEUP BUY March. Either way I am sure Suze Orman would yell at me. She truly frightens me - more than Jillian Michaels.

Have a great Sunday!

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