Friday, January 7, 2011

Shoe of the day and a guest shoe cameo!

I love a great mary jane shoe - whether it's a flat or modest heel. I just love this style. Maybe it's the little girl that wants to swing on the old tire swing all day but I can't help but smile when I see this type of shoe.

And when you pair this shoe with a pencil skirt and fishnet stockings it becomes a sassy shoe. I bought these shoes probably four years ago and I still love them like I bought them yesterday. They are by Fornarina and I think they were even on sale - always a bonus when buying shoes! It has a very modest heel (2' I believe) and it's a round toe, always forgiving for problematic feet!

Yeah I guess they should get polished next time I take my boots to get cleaned and polished.

I love these with pencil skirts, dresses that hit me above the knee with a straight skirt and even straight or wide leg trousers.

These are my ultimate dream mary janes. I should really start a shoe fund jar!

I would like to introduce the guest shoe of the day. This should really come as no surprise:

My daughter, Gabi. She's 2 1/2 and knows a good shoe. There are mornings when she will request a specific shoe to wear to pre-school and it's mainly a black suede ankle boot I bought from Target. Actually, my husband bought these for her for Christmas. I think I was more excited about them than she was. She does ask to wear these to school on a regular basis. It looked adorable with her white tights and dark navy holiday dress as it does with her Jessie from Toy Story 3 teeshirt and grey skinny jeans. My husband really earned his bonus points when he bought these for her.

Another look:

The next time I have a bad day here at work - I should look at these panda shoe pictures.

Happy Friday!