Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beauty Board inspiration of the day....

As you might have guessed, I love eyeliner. Let me reiterate, I LOVE EYELINER! I think as a high school girl that was the one thing I consistently wore and it was my top lash line flicked out at the corner (cat eye style). I think it was Madonna during her Blonde Ambition/Truth or Dare days. This was personally my favorite Madonna look. She had a perfect eye lined eye and those red lips! But today's look isn't inspired by that its dedicated to this beautiful Spanish lady and new mother:

Penelope Cruz Sanchez
Born: April 28, 1974
Madrid, Spain

The first movie that really called my attention to her beauty was this very small independent film, Woman on Top (2000). I won't go into the synopsis - the movie was mediocre if anything but the music and Penelope Cruz was the most memorable. After that I started to notice her more - All The Pretty Horses (2000) with Matt Damon. And then the Spanish film Abre le Ojos (1997) which turned into Vanilla Sky (2001). She played the same role in both the Spanish and American version of the movie. I naturally prefered the original Spanish version and I won't go into the details of her relationship with Tom Cruise after she met him on the set of Vanilla Sky. I think my all time favorite Penelope movie is Almodovar's All About my Mother (1999). Because seriously who doesn't love a Prada wearing Nun?

What I truly love about Penelope is the simple seductive beauty she exudes. She's exotic and not your typical, classical blonde Hollywood actress type. She has been compared to Sophia Loren (another brunette European icon I idolize) for her dark features but I would also say it would be for the perfectly black eye lined eyes.
(at the 2010 Oscars)

I love that her makeup style is consistent but never boring. Why fix it if ain't broke, right? She typically work a nude lip but I have noticed in some pictures she will rock a red lip with the lined eyes. I think I prefer the nude lip more. What do you think?

So here's my eye look of the day inspired by Ms. Cruz

I have to do this look more often - it takes less than 10mns.

TFSI primer
MAC Arena entire lid to brow bone
MAC Soba (light golden brown w/shimmer) - crease
MAC Femme Fi - right arch of my brow
MAC Technakohl in GraphBlack
lots of MAC Haute and Naughty mascara - Black

There's a fine line between a seductive lined eye like Penelope's and a gothic mess like Taylor Momsen. So to keep me on the seductive spectrum I line my bottom waterline with the black liner and I blink a few times afterward to let the color smudge on it's own. I take my pencil brush (MAC #219) and I just smudge it gently. It if starts to veer towards heroine junkie I clean up with a makeup remover soaked q-tip.

And final face shot:

NARS Syracuse Sheer Glow
Bronzer - Edward Bess Daydream
Blush - NARS Gilda (coral)
Lips: Liner MAC Whirl (med. brownish pink)
Gloss - Chanel Waterlily #112 (light pink with gold shimmer)
Recently, Penelope and her husband celebrated the birth of their son.
Congrats to them -  That is one beautiful family!

This is her Baby Daddy:
Penelope and Javier Bardem at the Goya Awards in Madrid, Spain (2010)

Honestly I could watch these two feed jamon to each other because I bet it would be damn SEXY. Oh wait I can:

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  1. Penelope Cruz is pretty, but I am still mad at her from stealing Tom Cruise from Nicole Kidman (I know, get over it right? oh well)

  2. Ha ha - honestly they have done much better after Tom. I am hoping Katie will see the light someday!

  3. You should see Penelope in LOVE CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH (1996). A huge part of the movie is set in the 60s and she's the perfect crazy Beatles fan.

    I too have been inspired by her eyeliner style but I can't exactly replicate it since my eyes have a different shape. I'm still working on getting a clean liquid line effect!

  4. Ms. M!
    I have to see that. Yeah I always channel my inner-Penelope when I'm doing a black lined eye.

    Hey we seriously need to get together. Email me at lexi920@gmail so we can exchange addresses!