Monday, January 10, 2011

When I take a break from the dark side

I turn to this bottle...

This is Grunge from Rescue Beauty Lounge. Grunge is not what you think it would be. Okay when I think of what a grunge nail polish shade would be I think either a dark army green or any other dark color best worn chipped. This color is quite the opposite. It's like a mushroom grey with pink in it. It's understated yet fashionable enough to get noticed - I receive lots of compliments when I wear this. I've also seen this on other bloggers and it can varies by skin tone - it can go either more on the pink side or in my case...grey/beige/a bit of mauve? I know it's a weird mash-up but it just works.

Nevertheless, it blends lovely with my skin tone (NC42)

If I get my nails done professionally, this can last up to 4 or 5 days (if I'm careful, of course) but if I do it myself I am lucky to get 2-3 days wear time. It still lasts longer on my nails than a Chanel polish. This one goes on a bit streaky, so I two thick layers or sometimes three if I am painting my nails myself.

Sadly, you can only purchase Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes online or if you are in NYC consider yourself lucky - you have two salons you can visit! Sign up for the newsletter and you get to learn about the 50% off sale - I think this happens only once a year? I could be wrong. I was able to add 3 more shades to my collection. I am counting down the days till this shade is back in stock.

I bought this bottle the last time I was in NYC and the owner Ji Baek was kind to show me the Real Housewives of Tudor Dynasty Fall Collection - I picked up Catherine, a purple, pewter with blue/fuschia shimmer. I need to paint my nails that shade again once I'm over my 'greige' nail moment.

Retails for $18/bottle. From my experience, they ship pretty quick and efficiently.

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  1. I have wanted to try RBL polishes for ages! This shade looks ultra chic on you.