Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A MAC fail...

In attempt to get ready for "NO-MAKEUP BUY JANUARY" I stocked up on some MAC products. I was lucky to score a few items from both upcoming collections: Peacocky and the MAC/Mickey Contractor (Bollywood makeup artist) collaboration.

L to R:
Mega Metals Shadows - Unflappable and Tweet Me (shimmering peach)
Kissable Lipcolour Temper Tantra

Satin finish shadow - Saffron, peachy/orange brown
(MAC/Mickey Contractor collaboration)

Let's talk about the wins:
I have a hard time with MAC lipsticks and glosses. I am sorry but the lipglass is my least favorite - way too gloppy for me and will accentuate any flaking on my lips. If I do choose a gloss to wear it would be the cremesheens - I own 3. They are thin and comfortable on the lips. Enter the Kissable Lipcolour. I only picked up the Temper Tantra shade (reddish brown) because it makes a great work and weekend shade. I usually get two days of continuous MAC lip product wear before my lips start to freak out. Not this time - this gloss is even more comfortable than the cremesheens. If feels thinner while providing even more color.

Eyeshadow win: Unflappable
I would describe Unflappable as a super dark brown with a plum cast- on my NC42 arm it looks a bit on the charcoal side. I love this shade - I cannot wait to create a smoky eye or use it on my outer V. It is definitely a Lexi shade!

And that's it.

Let me tell you why I am disappointed by Tweet Me and Saffron. Don't get me wrong - I love how blendable the Mega Metals are - love it! However, Tweet Me is almost sheer on my lids on top of my lid primer. I did try this on top of my Rubenesque paint pot and it helped but I want a shade that I don't need to layer on top of another color just to get it to show!

Yes, it's lovely for a wash of peach color but I wanted something a bit more.

As for Saffron, it just looked patchy on my lid and it looked like my eye was irritated. I don't have the best luck with the Satin finishes.

Lovely as a swatch! On my eye, however not so much.

(I believe I layered this on top of Groundwork paint pot)
I am sad that I have to take these back - I am still learning that not all shadows will not work on me no matter how hard I try.

But hey, at least I tried, right?


  1. That lip color looks amazing! Glad you found another lip win as I know how sensitive your lips are. Unflappable is very pretty. I like it a lot and you're right. Saffron on your eye looks like you had an allergy attack. Yikes. Not good. Great review!!! can't wait to see what else you get on your "no-buy" LOLOL

  2. Thank you so much Elvira - that means a lot to me. I still feel like I'm still finding my way on this beauty side project of mine. I did Unflappable today with Style Snob - it's a winning combination. It's my subject for tomorrow's post.

    Yeah this "No-Buy" is off to a great start hahaha

  3. Mac seem to be all about the sheer shadows at the moment - I was lusting after the Cham Pale palette but having seen swatches I know the colours will barely show up on me :( At least the mega metals are generous size-wise though :)

  4. Hi Rachael,
    Agreed. I will be reporting about my disappointment with the two paint pots I bought from the Cham-Pale line tomorrow.

    I am hoping to score that teal fluidline from the Mickey Contractor line after I return these shadows back to the MAC store.

    I LOVE the Unflappable Mega Metal Shadow - wearing it today.