Thursday, January 13, 2011

When I need to feign health and happiness...

I know it's still Winter by listening to my cube mates coughing and sneezing all around me. My daughter is also in pre-school, the hot-bed of germs, therefore I know I'll eventually get sick once again!

On the mornings that I wake up with a raw throat and pounding headache, I don't want to over think my makeup. I'm lucky if I remember to reach for my blending brush to blend my eyeshadow. If I were only lucky enough to remember to apply under eye concealor. I'm now on day 3 with this awful sore throat.

One of the last things I acquired before my cosmetic ban is truly a life saver. From the MAC Stylishly Yours collection - Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base (limited edition, of course!):
(I just like how it matches my MJ cosmetic pouch)

This thing is super pigmented:

It has been described as a medium toned blue-red (MAC site) but it pulls more of a pink-red tone on my NC42 skin.

I like to use my fingertips when I apply - slightly off center of the apple of my cheek and sweep up toward my temple. Using a clean fingertip I buff the color and smooth it out. Like I said, it's pretty pigmented so apply with caution - it's always easy to build up than buff out! I was able to find my skunk #187 brush so I did use that to blend the color better. I would recommend using either method based on comfort level. I then used a fine lip brush to apply on my lips (over my lip balm). It goes on creamy and then dries as a stain (cherry color on my lips). It's not uncomfortable on my lips when it does settle and dry, which is a huge plus for me and my finicky lips!

As for my eyes. I went with a copper/rose gold shimmer vibe:
L to R:
MAC Amber Lights - peachy-brown/copper shimmer (permanent) on my lid
NARS Nepal - rose gold shimmer (permanent) on my crease
MAC Femme Fi - beige-yellow (LE - Neo Sci-Fi collection) highlight
UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Bourbon - metallic med. brown (permanent and used bottom lash line only - smudged)

lots of black mascara - MAC Haute and Naughty/Black.

I also like to finish off with lots of Visine before I put in my contact lenses. This way my eyes aren't too bloodshot from the sleepless night before.

(Man, I could use that under eye concealor right about now)

For extra gloss - I added Chanel's Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Fatale #61.

I think I'll O.D. on some Ricola lozenges later - Mr. Lex and I have date night at a Scotch tasting tomorrow night.


  1. Movie Star Red looks amazing! It pulls more fuschia than I expected but suits to you a T.

    Hope you feel better soon. xo

  2. Thanks Jen - this has been one of new favorite things!

    I am hoping to kick this cold by tomorrow night. Otherwise, it'll be a crummy date night. However, my husband suspects he's getting sick too...BOO!

  3. I like this look on you,very fresh

  4. Thanks! That's very kind of you.

  5. I’ve tried all sorts of coughing syrups, believe me, but none of them helps. Even though Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa does not eliminates the cough I like to stick to this chinese syrup I’ve been taking since I was a kid: Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. My grandfather is chinese, so I guess my mom got the advice from him. I was really surprised when I found that chinese market selling it here in Belgium. It does have a refreshing, soothing, sweetening effect…as long as it lasts…then back to coughing mode.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I have never tried a Chinese cough syrup and I'm sure I wouldn't have much difficutly find one since I work near Chinatown.

    Thanks for this!