Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beauty Rewind - Sunday, January, 30th.

(I bet these two got into some major SHENANIGANS in their day)

Hello my lovelies. How was your weekend? I still have a few hours left here on my end and I'm holding on to it for dear life. I took Friday off to spend some extra time with my Pops (he flew into town for a long weekend) so I know I have a steaming pile of work pop waiting for me.

Till then, I'll sit back, sip some Sunday afternoon coffee and reflect on what I seen this week that's making me obsess.

Elvira has got me obsessing over this palette. I do want to check out the Sea Turtle themed one because I just LOVE turtles!!

Jen is really making me crush on these pretty hard. And yes, I always fall on trends just a bit late.

Karen had me rolling with her Wonder Woman homage comic strip. That girl is LAUGHS! She also has me obsessing slightly over D&G's Secret Garden!

I know these pinks are a bit light for my complexion but Sabrina always makes me want to run to the counters of the brand she is reviewing....

Because of Gaia, this is going to be on my list when I finally get around to calling the Edward Bess counter at Bergdorf Goodman..

As for me, I really fed into my eyelining obsession and paid homage to one of my favorite eyeliner loving actresses.

Okay I am sneaking into the bedroom to watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Yes, it's that time of season and my husband hates it. Then again I watch Football and countless episodes of Sportscenter so he should cut me some slack.

Scratch that request...he watched Jersey Shore now because of me.

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