Monday, January 3, 2011

Temper Tantra vs. Brunch and Impromtu Clubbing on a Sunday afternoon!

Okay so I tried to test drive the new MAC Kissable Lipcolour lipstick/gloss hybrid in Temper Tantra, a brownish red - pretty opaque in coverage and no shimmer.

And here it is on me - NC42 without any lip liner.

It goes on quite lovely. I have been wearing this for the past 3 days and I can happily report of no itching, peeling or rawness in the mornings. That said, I probably jinxed myself. I'll never learn.

Product goes on like a gloss - very emollient and has a good amount of slip. It doesn't go on thick as a Lipglass would - pretty thin and comfortable. I didn't experience any streaking and I love the doe foot applicator. I can apply this easily without a mirror. It has the traditional MAC gloss scent - light vanilla. When it sets it doesn't feel dry and it looks like a satin finish on the lips. I just wish I had better luck with wear time like I do with the one D&G lipgloss I own.

So how did hold up after lunch, coffee and this (I love this picture because Chris and Doug acted as my Art Directors, haha)

(Ginger cake/Pumpkin ice cream, whip cream on top of caramel sauce from Chow, SF)

And this:

(Hangar One Kaffir Gimlet at Lime, SF)

No, it didn't. I got a good two hours, if that.

Okay, let me explain the cocktail pic - it's also booze review #5.

I had lunch with two really good friends from high school and sadly we haven't gotten together since we graduated 19yrs ago. YIKES, that's even scarier to read than say. So when my friend Chris, came back to SF for the holidays (he's now based in NYC) to see his family, I was lucky to snag a quick afternoon with him and my other friend Doug (Chris' bestie). So we meet at Chow's on Church Street - menu is very comfort food style. It also one of my favorite spots to eat, mainly for the dessert I featured above. Let me explain, I am not a HUGE fan of ginger.

It's actually a joke between my girlfriends and I. Ironically, my two sisters also share my thoughts on ginger. However, gingerbread and ginger cookies I am okay with. So the first time I had this dessert at this restaurant 5 yrs ago was purely bliss. Chow changes it's menu around and because of it's popularity, the gingercake has stayed on the menu. Probably for fear of riots if ever taken off the menu.

So after the three of us head deeper into the Castro dist to find a cocktail I could review until we stumbled upon a restaurant called Lime. It's also a Sunday after party spot for young kids who still want the party to continue. Why did 3 reasonable 36yr olds head into this place (I vowed to NEVER step foot into this spot)? It was all Chris' doing. I also wanted to make up for the two drinks I had and reviewed the other night.

The Hangar One Kaffir Gimlet was tart - a gimlet consists of fresh lemon/lime juice but the kaffir added another dimension to it - almost a savory factor. I am use this flavor in thai curries so maybe I immediately thought curry. Chris had the Red Stag Manhattan and it was awesome. The most smoothest Manhattan I ever tasted. Red Stag bourbon is a new breed by Jim Beam and it's fused with Black Cherry - it adds an extra hint of cherry since you finish the Manhattan with a maraschino cherry garnish. Sadly, when it came to order one for myself - I felt like it punched me in the mouth. Where did the smoothness go? Lesson learned - go back to the bartender that originally made the smooth cocktail and not to just the bartender that's available. Ha, I just sneaked in booze review #6!

(the first Red Stag Manhattan - oh smooth lovely bourbon cocktail)

And here's what my lips looked like after the second cocktail and dancing to old Dr. Dre hits! I know you can barely see any color. I think the natural dark pigmentation of my lips help retain some type of color. Even though the color doesn't hold up very long and price increase ($18), I am considering picking up another color just because it feels really nice on my lips.

(Chris, me and Doug)
It was the most action packed Sunday that didn't involve chasing my little cupcake around the living room!
So Chris went back to NYC last night and I miss him already. I have made plans to meet up with Doug for lunch or dinner - I also owe him a cocktail. I just hope it'll be a smooth one!

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