Sunday, January 2, 2011

When your cocktail resembles windex, it's best to walk away - booze review #3 & #4

So last night was date night for Mr. Lex and I. We went to the Sundance Kabuki Theater in Japantown, SF. I love watching movies here - yes, it's pricey but have the option to select where you want to sit. This allows you to show up a minute right before the movie start - you are always guaranteed a seat! Also there are two bars  in this complex. One right outside the movie auditoriums or if you are lucky (and over the age of 21)  the movie you are viewing is showing in the big auditorium w/the balcony seats - grab seats in the balcony while you can. These seats sell out rather quickly. There is a bar and cafe seating right outside the balcony entrance, top level of the theater, and so right before you movie you can enjoy a quick bite to eat and a cocktail of your choice. I had the meatball sandwich, my husband had a chicken pesto personal pizza and a modest gin and tonic. As for me, I wanted to check out the cocktail specials so I give you:


The first drink I tried out was obviously created to launch the opening  of the film Black Swan, a movie I am still not quite sure what to make of but then again that's what a Darren Aronofsky film does to you. I don't think I can watch Requiem for a Dream (2000) again if you paid me. For the record I did enjoy the film - Natalie Portman was awesome as was the limited use of Winona Ryder. I am so happy to see her in movies again.

Here is The Pirouette:
My husband said it best when he described it as "this is what I imagine what Ron Ron juice tastes like" - for those of you that don't get the reference 'Ron Ron juice" was the drink of choice for the kids on Jersey Shore. This also looks like a melted ice pop. Ingredients include: well vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and creme de casis. Yes, I took a sip, made a pucker face and then I wanted to pump my fist.
If that wasn't enough, my husband and decided to get another cocktail to take inside the theater. That's another plus for balcony seating - the seats are built either two seats together or three seat together and in between the seats is a little arm rest area with a drink holder. You are encouraged to bring your liquor with you. If you don't fancy a cocktail or waiting in the long line there is a make shift bar right at the entrance selling only bottled beer or wine. So what did we order. It was the cocktail created to celebrate the release of the new Tron movie, Tron: Legacy.

The Hacker:
I should have known any drink with Blue Curacao in it is a bad idea, especially if you are over the age of 25. So this beverage contained well vodka, blue curacao, lemon and sprite. Another bad idea in a beverage - SPRITE. So yes you can imagine this one - it's super sweet, tangy and carbonated. We were both embarrassed carrying it into the balcony especially since we were watching True Grit - a rye shot and beer would have been a no-brainer but my husband didn't want to have to get up and make multiple bathroom trips but in hindsight we both regret our choices. I am also suspecting that these two cocktails gave me this throbbing headache this morning.

I should have went with what I really wanted - Hendrick's Gin/Tonic but for the sake of the blog I needed to review another cocktail. Oh what I do for the readers! So lesson learned, if it looks and sounds like it belongs at the next frat/sorority mixer leave it. Otherwise face an ugly headache and judgemental looks from other adults around you.

As for the film, True Grit. I loved it - but you also have to enjoy Westerns, Jeff Bridges and the Coen Brothers. The Cohen Brothers remind why I chose to study film at SF State and I am also sad that I work in Corporate America. The true star of the film is the young actress, Hailee Steinfeld. She is truly wise beyond her young years. I am hoping only good to come from her and not a downward Lindsay Lohan/Miley Cyrus spiral. Since Hailee didn't come from the Disney world, I'm not as worried. With a Cohen Bros. film you get great ensemble casting - Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges and another returning Coen player, Josh Brolin. I enjoyed the sweeping landscape shots and the feeling I usually get from watching one of their films - an unsettling feeling but I like it. That's not a bad thing - good films should encite a feeling - any feeling. If you walk away indifferent then it wasn't worth watching at all.

So the next time I watch a movie in the Sundance Kabuki balcony, I will make sure it sets the tone. Because after drinking these two cocktails I should have been listening to house music and fist pumping!

If you are in the area or visiting SF for the first time, I do recommend a viewing at Robert Redford's Sundance Kabuki theater. It's situated in SF's Japan town district. So there are plenty of stuff to do, eat and drink around the area. Parking can be a hairy situation.


  1. Ron-Ron juice...yes! I must try! Hahah, ahh good old Joel with his surprise references!

  2. Yup, I was cracking up too when he said that! He's secretly excited for the return of Jersey Shore this week!