Monday, December 27, 2010

How I am coping with the Holiday Hangover...

Hello there,
I hope the Holiday weekend treated you well. My daughter made out like a bandit with a fully stocked play kitchen, Toy Story 3 toys and even a My Little Pony on a remote controlled jet. It still perplexes my husband why a unicorn would be on a plane - I kept telling him to stop being such a killjoy and just "Go With It!" Now that the Holidays are almost over we have the daunting task of taking down all our decorations - I'm going to miss those lights my husband put up on front of the house.

Fortunately for me, the new MAC Stylishly Yours collection has enough bright color to get me through my Holiday Hangover you may be currently experiencing. Since I only bought Virgin Isle CCB please see Karen's (of Makeup and Beauty Blog) write up.

The color creme bases are meant to be a multi-tasking product - eyes/lips/cheeks. But I can only imagine this bright coral to be used on cheeks/lips.
(Swatched on NC 42 skin)

(It is actually brighter in person!)

I thought I press my luck and try it on my lips - not bad. Not as bright as the Neon Orange lipstick I tried on (I will be going back for this though - looks pretty on top of Redd lip liner).

(applied on top of my Kiehl's lip moisturizer)

 It goes on very creamy but if your lips are dry like mine please add a bit of lip balm underneath. Then slick on clear gloss on top, if you are also not a fan of matte lipstick like me. But compared to my other multi-tasking rouge pot - Edward Bess' compact rouge, this is a bit more drying on the lips. After 3 and a half hours of wear time, breakfast/coffee consumptioin, this left a nice peach stain on my lips. I will be going back for Movie Star Red CCB and also the Neon Orange lipstick. I am oddly embracing the whole orange lip movement.

I am also planning to pick up the Dangerous Cuvee Paint (cool, silver gray) Pot from the ChamPale collection. Sorry, so not a fan of that collection name!

Now I just have to get through all the sugar cookies I have left over from my Holdiay party. It's a good thing my husband got a bottle of Bourbon from his boss - we'll need it!

Honestly, I only started wearing blush regularly just recently. Who knew, how alert it makes me look!

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