Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mardi Gras Purple eyes

So my eighteen year old cousin celebrated her birthday over the weekend with a Mardi Gras themed family party. I love family parties combined with a theme - YES, Halloween is my favorite holiday!! So I went with the color themes, Black, Purple, Gold and Green. I got 3 out 4 - didn't wear any green - and I wanted my makeup to reflect the theme as well. I didn't want to go overboard with a BRIGHT purple so I went with a smoky purple eye instead also it was an excuse to bust out my NARS Melusine duo again.

The lineup:

(for reference - NC 42 skintone)

L to R:
Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner - used as a base- Skinny Jeans (shimmery charcoal)
NARS Melusine Duo (lighter side - lid - matte purple side -outer V)
NYX Brown Plum from the Runway Collection Palette- Jazz Night - crease
MAC Arena (a perfect highlighter for me - it blends seamlessly into my skin - gives a hint of color without overt shimmer)
MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye liner - Designer Purple (bottom lash line)
MAC Pigment - Later - black/purple (used wet as a top lash line liner)

Here it is:

I'm really pleased with my results.

Other products used:
NARS Syracuse Sheer Glow foundation
NARS Oasis blush - rose with gold shimmer
Edward Bess Bronzer - Daydream
Dior - Shimmer Powder - Amber Diamond
NARS Lipstick - Damage - (very) sheer grape
NARS Lip Gloss - Downtown - metallic purple with pink shimmer

Ta Da:

Gabi and I love our Mardi Gras masks:

I apologize for the late posts and I apologize to those around me for my grumpiness (that was especially to my husband). I haven't been feeling very motivated lately. I am currently packing up my office and a VP's  office so I am running around tired. I even consumed two Jack and Cokes as I was making dinner - yeah it was that kind of day! I hate moving homes but moving buildings is just as bad. I never realized just how much crap I have acquired in just two years at this location. Ugh, I am just hoping for a smooth move. I have a feeling that is asking for too damn much? Time to down some prescription strength ibuprofen again - thank you Mr. Lex for being my pusher!

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