Thursday, December 16, 2010

Obsession - magazines...

I think if there's one thing that I have uncontrollable spending problems with it would be my magazines. Did you ever see the Vogue movie last fall, The September Issue? Well there was a scene with Anna Wintour and her daughter, Bee Shaffer and what looked like a stuffed bookshelf of Vogues dating back from the 80's. That is what the bottom of my bed looked like in high school when I was 16. I would lose myself in my magazines and just learn these foreign names, fabulous clothes and hypnotized my fabulous makeup palettes. I have seen many come and go: Mademoiselle, Mirabella, Jane and the one that carried me through high school - Sassy. Right now I'm obsessing over this magazine I use to steal from my aunt's room, Taxi. A subsidiary of Italian Taxi, it debuted here in the states back in 1986. It was high fashion and lifestyle. It was different from Vogue, Elle and all the other magazines I was reading. Taxi introduced me to whole other continents. Yes, Vogue introduced me to Armani, YSL, de la Renta, Lagerfelt but for some reason I felt like a Parisian or Milanese girl sitting at a cafe languidly browsing through my Taxi issue. I'm pleased to find it again in eBay. This may actually get me to buy something on eBay.

I remember this cover well - I'm still mesmerized by the feathers on this model's head. I also love this Moschino photo. I still want that belt buckle as well!
(from August 1988)

There is another one with an interview with Grace Jones from 1986. That's worth the price of shipping and handling right there!

How fabulous is this cover look? I would wear this today and it would still look current. Maybe except the headband. I always try wearing a headband but the always give me headaches.

I tried looking for an updated version of this magazine and I did find it - it's an Indian magazine:

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