Sunday, December 19, 2010

Booze review #2

So last night was celebration birthday night for my sister, Kim and my girlfriend, Cindy. We went to this fancy Indian joint. I must remember to go back just for a cocktail and an order of the Masala Dosa. Ugh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. However, parking in this area - no easy feat! Dosa is situated across the street from Robert Redford's Sundance Cinema. So trying to find parking is an event in itself - well this applies trying to find parking in most SF neighborhoods. Okay so my girl, Carolyn and I drop off the birthday girls at the restaurant we will spend another 30mns in the car just circling the neighborhood before settling into a spot about 3 long blocks away. At this point, we REALLY NEED that drink!

The great thing about the Dosa cocktail menu is that it is consistent with the Indian menu - they infuse a savory element into some of the cocktails and I love that. I was hoping to order a gin cocktail that had a basil flavor but sadly it was missing from the menu so I settle for this lovely: The Fall Smash. Now please forgive me as I try to recall what was in this cocktail - I do remember that it had a very citrusy sweet flavor to it (freshly muddled lemon juice) and because of the title I did also detect some Fall flavors like cinnamon and ginger. What I do remember for sure was the bourbon used for this cocktail - Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The site says that it has a sweet taste and has notes of brown sugar, spices giving way to oak and leather - probably attributed from the barrels. That said, this was a very easy cocktail to drink. So easy that I had to have a second one! I am planning to buy a bottle of this bourbon, it sounds really good on its own.

Please take a look at my cocktail pic and obsess over it with me:

okay just one more:

(fresh mint is always a good thing)

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