Friday, December 24, 2010

My favorite multi-tasker

I like to pride myself as an accomplished multi-tasker, I think it's a talent you really perfect when you become a Mom. That said, please take a look at this eye look I accomplished literally in 5 minutes using just one item (okay two - I went and highlighted with MAC Arena). I give you: The MAC Greasestick. I currently own four - maybe I should add a blue or a green to my collection.

L to R:
French Quarter ( fr. Venemous Villans)
V (fr. D2 collaboration)
Dirty (fr. Art Supplies)
Black (fr. Style Black)

My daughter's new found obsession with Disney's, The Princess and The Frog inspired me to bust out the MAC Greasestick, French Quarter from the MAC/Disney collaboration, Venomous Villains - the Dr. Facilier collection.

The only tool I rely on to apply this on my lid is my middle finger. My technique - the same middle finger of the eye I am working on holds the skin taut while the opposite middle finger is blending the thick line drawn on the lash line upward toward the crease. So if I'm working on my right eye - right finger pulls skin at the outer corner taut to smooth out the folds on my lids and then my left middle finger will blend the thick line up to my crease, creating a slight fade. I will go back and re-line my top lash line. As for my lower lash line, I smudged a line on my hand hand with a tightly packed, dense lining/smudge brush and use it to pick up some color. I then smudge my lower lash lines, I like to build and control the amount of color. Then I just applied the peach satin shadow, Arena to my brow bone with the #239 brush and then I use a fluffy blending brush to make sure it is smoothed out. Follow up with lots of black mascara and there it is - I'm done!

I think it took me longer to describe my process then to actually do it.

French Quarter is orginally described as a blackened green with multi-colored pearl shimmer. I personally don't see a whole lot of green, maybe a darkened olive? If anything, I see a darker taupe - like a darker (blackened) version of the Dirty greasestick.

The first greasestick I bought was the Black from the Style Black collection from the '09 Fall Collection. I remembered being bummed wondering how am I going to sharpen this thing and then I discovered (from another blogger) that the back end tip pulls out and reveals a hidden sharpener:


Unfortunately, these pencils are limited edition. Oh MAC and their limited editions...they just love to tease and torment us, don't they? If you're lucky you can find these at your nearest Company Store. I recently saw the Dirty greasestick along with the V and Black there. I am hoping they will get more from the Art Supplies collection from last Spring.

This has great staying power on me (I don't have oily lids) and it comes of pretty easily with my Almay Oil-Free makeup remover.

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