Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4...Last Call/Grifter

Today's eye involves plum (Last Call) and a chunky glittery lavendar (Grifter).

I went the easy route - Last Call on the lid and Grifter in the crease. At first I was a bit hesitant because Last Call pulls on the red-plum side on me and that can easily translate to what I like to call "Eczema Eyes" - you know just red and raw from dryness and constant itching. Sorry, if you suffer from Eczema you know what I'm talking about. So that said, I use this as a crease or outer V shade. But I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome. Next, I took a fluffly brush and applied Grifter in my crease - leaving a gradual fade of a light lavender glitter wash. Then just blended to my heart's content. Yes, there was fallout but it wasn't too bad - you will still need q-tips and makeup remover nearby! I finished with my Chanel Waterproof eyeliner - Cassis - a deep, blackened plum (love this liner!) on my top lash line and 3/4 of my bottom lash line. I didn't use a highlighting shade this time around. I used Two Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Primer for my base.

Here's the eye product line up on my (NC 42) arm:

(L to R: Cassis liner, Last Call, Grifter)

Other items used today:
Foundation: NARS Barcelona Sheer Glow
Bronzer: EB Daydream
Blush/Lips: EB Compact rouge - After Sunset
Lip gloss: EB Nude Satin

I don't know if I like this smirk on my face...I feel so smug. Sorry, I don't like smug! HA

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