Sunday, December 5, 2010

I was once called a 'Lazy Intellectual'...

Procrastination owns me like no other. I think having a child will cause you to get off your ass and clean up spills or use quick spidey senses to leap up and catch a glass about to fall off a coffee table. That said, I still have issues creating a project and really following through. I have ideas swimming in my head but not enough patience or true desire to organize my thoughts and goals. I'm sure this drives my husband crazy, he gets giddy just by buying new moleskin notebooks to create his "to-do" lists. It's been about a month since I went live with my first post and I've been thinking about what I learned and how I can improve.

I basically created this blog because my dream job will always be beauty editor for Elle Magazine. Well any major publication really but I really don't see that happening anytime soon. But if you saw my makeup collection you'd think otherwise. Oddly enough, my hair care remains pretty simple: Fekkai shampoo/conditioner and Fekkai Coiff Controle: Ironless Straigntening Balm (works pretty good without a flat iron but I like my hair frizz free so I still use a flat iron on my ends). I have always been the type of person without a big-picture game plan - I guess you could say that I live in the moment. Yeah, that's cool if you're 23 but at 36...having a plan is actually pretty smart. This blog has encompassed my love of beauty and a will to set deadlines for myself to write about my thoughts of products on my bathroom counter or shoes hiding in my closet. I learned that I can't always post something live - literally written 10 mns earlier before posting - I need to fine tune my editing eye. Also if my bosses caught me writing about my Ammo palette victory that may be frowned upon. Looks like I still have time management issues. I hope you never see my cubicle!

I am a work in's the story of my life!

I also learned that I really need to spend time with my daughter's crayola set to get familiar with more colors. I went to FIDM in SF for a good 3 months before dropping out. You cannot be a fashion designer if your patterns are always off by 1/8" - good thing I caught this early on. I took a color theory class and actually got a  98/100 for a color wheel I painted myself. I also got an A on a color gradation project using colors from magazine ads. Now when I'm trying to describe a sparkly magenta gloss I'm just in a loss of words. This is where a 88 crayon box comes in handy - did you know there's a Mac and Cheese color? It's like brown yellow - I know not as appetizing as the name itself. I even turned to my art school graduate husband to help me describe a color. I love his nerdiness; when he was unsure about a color he actually looked it up online - love him!!

Also, I understand there's only so much you can write about so many glosses and round toe heels but I guess I can look at it from the editorial point of view. How many times can you write about the difference between skinny jeans and jeggings? I'm not a fan of jeggings but I must admit it's fun to say! It's the passion that really drives me to try that teal eyeliner or red lipstick and write about it. I'm not trying to win a legion of fans, I guess I'm just writing from my heart and what truly makes me happy. I am also from the school of thought if you don't try it you may surprise yourself. If you failed - you tried and nobody can take that away from you!

I have learned a lot from my blogging sisters. If anything, they are the reason why I'm here. I share a common interest with them but I guess I'm trying to voice my opinion and my own concerns. I just hope someone out there reading can say, 'hey I have eczema issues too or that's what that color looks like on someone with the same dark skintone'. I can let go of my beauty editor fantasy in exchange for helping someone else out or encouraging a scared soul to put on that red lipstick and own it. You can wear that 4' heeled shoe - just be sure to carry a spare set of walking flats just in case! Hey at least you tried, right?

Thanks for stopping by!

As for the term, lazy intellectual. It by was an old friend of mine who's a psychologist - he was one of the driving forces encouraging me to go back to school to finish my undergrad. I did, albeit I felt like the only 30 yr old receiving her Fine Arts degree amidst a bunch of 23 yr olds. He didn't give up on me - he was like a paternal figure and I wasn't offended by that term if anything, I was flattered. He is a very smart man and for him to see my potential...well I'll never forget him for that.


  1. You are such an ate bootch! I love that you and I share so much in common. You continue to inspire me with your experience and perspective, and I am so grateful to have you in the blogging world. Beauty and fashion seem to ground the ungrounded. It was my dream to be an editor for Cosmo. We should totally start our own beauty magazine.

    Oh SNHAP did i say that? :)

    I love your writing Alexis! We need to do a girls day when I get back from the PI.

  2. aw bootchy bootchy boo!!!
    Yes - please get in touch with me when you're back in town. I miss you! We need to meet up at Burma Superstar!

    HA - the things that I discover that we have in common is so amazing. I'm in good company - just when I thought I was old and uncool!