Monday, December 13, 2010

SF Snow Day!!

It got there with some help of course! My daughter and I met up with my good friend, Lucy and her darling little boy, Ramon. We had a great adventure today - rode the Muni train to Civic Center, SF to enjoy the Snow Park setup at Civic Center. There was an actual snow run where kids could slide down on a sled. I watched my brave 2yr old daughter realizing, "Oh Shit - I should be down there catching her" Luckily I ran down and found her being consoled by one of the guys working and watching out for the kids. Being the dainty princess she is, I found her with tear soaked cheeks and an expression on her face that read, "If you send me down that hill again by myself I will kick you in the gut!" I gave her a few candy canes and all was forgotten.

(This unassuming hill made my daughter hate me for 5mns!)

(Hapa SF, Filipino food truck)

(pork sisig over jasmine rice...yummy)

(Gabi shows her Filipino heritage by filling up on rice!)

Next we ventured to City Hall for an Open House involving free hot chocolate and cookies. I was hoping to see Mayor Gavin Newsome dressed up as Santa or something but no sign of him. He was probably too busy fixing his hair or something...oh well. City Hall does make me feel warm and fuzzy since it's the location where I got married. I had to show Gabi where Mommy and Daddy were married - technically she was there, too. I was seven months pregnant at the time. 

(I love those steps!)
(close up of the tree under the Rotunda - I got married right where the tree is placed!!)

The line was way too long for hot chocolate and cookies - you blast an announcement like that and the entire Bay Area/Peninsula is bound to show up! All and all, we had an awesome time. I even scored some fruits/treats at the Civic Center Farmer's Market. I'm so sad that the weekend is over but at least it ended on a high note!

Back to work and a party inspired eye look will coming to you soon!!

How was your weekend?

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