Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colored Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7

If I had to choose my favorite fun colored eyeliners it would have to be from the Urban Decay 24/7 collection. These are great colors - I think it releases my inner roller derby girl! Well in my fantasy roller derby world I'd wear bright eyeliner, torn tights, pink elbow/knee pads and kick major ass. So yes, I'm wearing this brand of eyeliner in my fantasies - also they stay on very well. If it could survive my lunch time spin class session then I assume it can take on sweaty, elbow throwing, roller skating sessions.

NO, I am a nice girl...really! Sorry ever since I watched Whip It I keep thinking, "yeah I can do that".

Today I went with Ransom - a bright irridescent purple, which I find leans on the cool bluish side. I like that this is not glittery, I could use it on my waterline if I choose to.

However, I had to work at getting to show up on my top lash line. I'm wondering if it's because I'm dark skinned (NC 42). I had no problem getting it to show up on my lower lash line. I did feel like I was playing beat the clock looking for my #219 brush to smudge it because when it sets it's there most of the day - well unless you rub your eyes vigorously.  It comes off easily with my Almay eye makeup remover but I do find that I have to work at removing liner on my bottom lash line. I like wearing this kind of color with a nude eyeshadow so all the focus is on the liner.

I got this in the UD Super Stash set ($36) last year. It came with nine other deluxe travel sized liners. I think these sets are a great way to try out a bunch of colors without having to commit to a full size (retails $17). If I find a color that I don't like I can just sharpen and sterilize it and give it away to a family member.

I added lots of black mascara, neutral blush and lipstick and I was out the door!

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