Friday, December 31, 2010


This is a baloon I found online - I kind of want it just for everyday use!

Wow, I felt like 2010 just got here. Any party plans tonight? Please be safe!

It was a good year for me. I reached a 5 yr milestone at work - a first for me. I'm blessed and thankful to still have a job. My little cupcake continues to surprise me everyday - her vocabulary is getting stronger and I found her playing with a (dry) paint brush and Tinkerbelle watercolor palette like she was applying eye shadow - gee, I wonder where she learned that? I am hoping she makes friends with the potty this year. As for myself, I always played fan girl to many beauty bloggers - Karen, Sabrina, Elvira, Amy, Christine and Gaia. I took a leap of faith and created something on my own. It wasn't even a resolution for this year I just got off my lazy ass and did it!

I am getting ready to bake a coconut cake for a NYE party I am going to with my family. Just a little house party with good friends. Even though I am not getting all glammed up I thought I should at least add a little bling.

So I did my nails last night with MAC's latest offering from the Cham-Pale collection:

(please pay no attention to my raggedy cuticles - this was a self-paint job)

This is labeled as a Frost but as you can see it's heavy on the METALLIC - it looks like I have pieces of bronze foil on my nails. It's been described by MAC as a "sparkly light bronze gold". When I look at it I see some peachy pink tones - maybe that's how I see it on my NC 42 skin.


It chipped the next day - on my pointer finger tip. Which is no big deal but a HUGE chunk flaked off of the side of my thumbnail. WTF?? So proceed with caution and remember to apply another layer of top coat the next day.

After a few sips of champagne tonight I won't even notice...

a sidenote:
I don't make New Year's resolutions - I like to surprise myself. I feel like if I don't follow through on a goal (usually something I should be doing already - eating better/paying bills) I won't feel like an ass if I didn't succeed. This time I do have a goal for January. I will unveil my goal this weekend.

I will say it will be tough and it will be a HUGE challenge. For those closest to me, I am sure they will laugh when the find out what it is!!

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