Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just a small piece of luxury...

Today we will look at the other gloss I added in my gloss collection...Chanel glossimer in #129/Cosmos. I'm one of those people that discover greatness at a delayed rate...like pumpkin pie, the game Connect Four, Lady Gaga...okay I'm still on the fence with her but she is great to listen to while running on a treadmill! Chanel glossimers is also added to that list. With my temperamental lips I figured...why bother? Why buy an expensive gloss when I know it's going to make my lips itch and cry? I couldn't have been more wrong. Okay it's still pricey but so worth it for me. I like that it's unscented and you can feel that it's on without it feeling overly gloppy. I find that some colors are more pigmented than others. However, I usually go without a liner with the ones I do own. To add more depth, I just layer on top of a lipstick. The ones I do own are unlike any other colors in my existing stash.

I go to my local Nordstrom to my usual Chanel counter - yes, my usual because they know me by name there. I know, no surprise there. Also, NARS and Dior also shares the same counter space -  I spend hours here! I am hoping to score the glossimer, Pleasing (part of the Winter 2010 line) a metallic, bronze with multi-colored shimmer. Of course it was sold out. At this point, I figured to look for either a variation of this shade or a darker Holiday themed color. I was torn between Spark (a red berry with gold sparkles) and Cosmos. I've read quite a few reviews describing this color as a berry but I see more of a pink (almost raspberry?) with fine multi-shimmer but what stands out the most is the blue shimmer. I love how you can see tiny pops of blue in this gloss.
It's a fabulous color on it's own.

But to really add more drama I lined my lips with MAC Vino (violet-purple) lip liner beneath Cosmos.

(L to R: Cosmos, Vino lip liner)


The thing I love about the Chanel glossimers is how they change in the light - dramatically. I had a co-worker, who's a lot fairer than me, swatch Cosmos on her wrist and it became a more traditional plum. But when she saw it on my skin she noticed that I picked up some peach tones, perhaps from the shimmer? Who knows - I really didn't see any peach personally but it's great to hear an opinion from another set of eyes! I do see the berry/plum qualities but maybe resembling more of the inside flesh of a red plum perhaps?

Also, owning a lip gloss tube with the double C's is like a tiny luxury. Some of us can't afford a $3500 large flap quilted bag - ugh only in my dreams! So until then I will collect my glossimers and nail polishes. I know, if I added up all my makeup in dollar value, I'd be half way there but what else would I write about?

I purchased my gloss at Nordstrom, SF - Stonestown Galleria ($27)

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